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if you are on the taller side, daffy's in nyc is loaded with stuff by patrizia pepe. the t's are $20-26, some have 5% elastane. specs: 39" chest, 34" waist, 26" length. (medium)
i was hired as a part time coat-checker in a decent restaurant off spring st, nyc. there have been about 3 or 4 coats with tags, out of about 1100-1300 coats.
Just looking to sample variations of a 2006 cologne I like, where might I have luck? Thanks.
awesome thanks alot.
Im headed in the dressing-down, casual direction. A couple items like plaid pants, vests, cardigans, button downs in my closet I dont think Ill be wearing anymore. Well-fitting basics such as khakis, solid sweaters, henley t-shirts can do plenty for you , and i think girls prefer guys who dont look like theyre trying. sorry if this didnt make sense but im sick and cant think / see straight.
gah, i forgot my tool by the time im wrote this. blue something...
Wow Im glad to hear that, my academic adviser told me duel enrollment wasn't a possibility. Hopefully with a good class standing and letters of recommendation an exception could be made. And yes, Im aware of the importance of the school. I haven't yet started looking, but I am in NYC so an MBA from Columbia is up there. Thanks again.
Hello. My status as a student is somewhere in Freshman/Sophomore purgatory. Unfortunately, my previous credits transferring over to my current school, i still have to be here for four years. In that fourth year I'll ONLY be registered for Senior Thesis- one class (10 credits for the year). Im just looking for any advice as to what to make/expect of this situation. my options of what to do in my Senior year as I see them: -get a full time internship/ job to fill the...
I realize the quality of my work is much better if I start it right away, finish 95%, then come back to it with a fresh perspective and fix it before it's due. It's all about the fresh perspective. Better quality = better grades = my motivation not to procrastinate. though if I was one whose best work comes out of pressure, then i'd sure as hell be a procrastinator.
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