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cool thread. i play guitar, but in reality it's probably one of my least favorite instruments on its own. i do love Robert Johnson and Pass. Derek Bailey as well. (I kinda have a thing for unconventional music) (1:00)
whats the material, is it a button-up? AFIK the pieces I have are 100% cotton, or 95%cotton 5%elastane.
K thanks. I geuss my main question is do I start looking now? and how should I make arrangements with the owner for a future rent?
I dont know if this requires a thread, anyway Im bored. I'm been eating very lightly the past few months (college budget, I actually lost 10 lbs instead of gaining the freshmen 15). Anyway, this weekend I was inside 3 days straight. Out of boredom I did maybe 60? pushups during that time, and last night ate half of a large pizza pie (and a couple of beers). Just now I accidentally glanced in a mirror after getting out of the shower, and right away I noticed more 'meat'...
hot water + high heat (i live in a dorm, so i cant set the washing machine.). i own 9 patrizia pepe peices (10 including raw jeans). if youre worried about shrinkage, I have yet to experience any disfiguration/discoloration/loose threads.
Hello. I have no idea how to go about this. For the start of next semester in September, so do I start looking now? My school is next to Union square (123, 456, FLV, ACE , NQRW trains). Should I just look on craigslist for 'rooms and shares'? How do sublets work? I don't really have any "stuff" aside from clothing, books, and a desktop PC, so would I save money this way, and just move every month or so? I'm not yet familiar with the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My most...
How do you do thigh measurements??
Youve only worn them 3 times and theres fading (above the keypocket... whattt) Im considering. Would you say theyre low rise or mid rise? Also knee measurements? edit: eh nevermind, theyre the same rise as Mic's. I agree, too low. GL!
I am still on the hunt for a polo that fits my lanky self (6'3"). Also need a pair of khakis. I do not like linen, maybe when Im older. It reminds me of curtains. My wardrobe is pretty small, so I'll be wearing the same 4 or 5 outfits all spring/ summer.
Thanks for the help. I checked out Sephora at Columbus Circle, but they didn't have it, as I expected (it's discontinued). I was looking for In Motion Black by Hugo Boss, the Hugo Boss store downstairs didn't have it either.
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