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for all of you cats and audiophiles... i LOVE recordings that sounds live (whether its live or not), the way the sax or trumpet has a bright tone and the reverb makes it sound like it's right next to your ear. anyone know what im talking about? if so, i'd love to know some. I can't come up with any specific examples except for... Coltrane's "Im Old Fashioned" (very close to what I'm looking for) Wes Montgomery- Round Midnight (album: The Message) , the sax in that...
that's honestly more disturbing then a man in drag.
Any word on availability (James)?
me me me. i love being minimalistic. one raw pair by Patrizia Pepe - 5+ months no washes. I do however have 3 or 4 pants in my rotation.
such a thing does not exist... muahaha. i have the same build, you're best bet is to just look at the pics on for the shirts that look longer (euro brands i.e. gazarinni, umbro, patrizia pepe...). How about this in Medium:
IMO This combo is a good kind of "try hard". Think about it. Youre walking around town or at a concert on a weekend night, you see people with loud club striped shirts, bright polos, and bright ties, 'humor' t-shirts hoping to get attention. A tie will always get you attention (easy opener for girls, they'll try and grab it, ask to wear it, etc). So throwing a slim solid tie onto a normal,cool outfit (dark jeans, white or light button-up) is not a bad idea at all. No...
I do have a navy wool Tat jacket which is nice but too dressy for my current dressed-down style. I also have a charcoal H&M blazer which I wear all the time, though now I'm considering black.
the one food i ever have late night cravings for is a hot glass of green tea. i'm not really into extreme sweets or salty stuff. but everynow and then i do consume half a cheesecake or half a can of sour scream pringles.
Quote: Originally Posted by newthunder mm x gs x ck a pencil skirt would work nicer. no homo.
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