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question.. what do the pleats do? None of my shirts have pleats which is why I ask. Neck; 15.25 chest; 39.5 hips; 34 waist; 32 good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife HERE I like the December 16th outfit the best. But seriously that'd be neat video to have playing in a clothing boutique.
we're the same proportions, a M in this brand... though I'm not sure what viscose is. these and this one
Nothing at all, which I why I meant to post that in the Slim Khakis thread...
Urban Outfitter's brand BDG makes two cuts "Straight" and "Skinny". Theyre medium-heavy weight for $49. I was about to pick up the Straight pair, but the seat is really baggy with a full-rise, not at all fitted in that area which is annoying. The Skinny was more fitted in the seat, but the taper below the knee was too narrow for my liking.
Odd question I know. I have classes M,W, and F, and on M and W they don't start until 2pm, and unfortunately I'm a morning person so hopping out of bed at 7:30am is nothing. What should I do to fill up this time.. gym, central Park, sleep, work at a cafe...?
i'd say its a notch better then the old version... but if it were up to me there'd be 3 or 4 buttons, nothing more, but that would never happen. it's like this generation craves incoherent clutter and distractions... can't appreciate minimalism.
my mom's boyfriend has done most of the interior renovating in the old midsize house we moved into almost 2 years ago. there's a few glitches here and there (slightly warped flooring, etc) , which is forgivable, considering how much money they're saving. but here's the kicker. for the life of me, i cannot figure out why he has installed 45 freakin lightswitches in a house with 9 medium sized rooms. a couple rooms only have 1 or 2, but some have 5 to 9 switches even though...
dave king Bad Plus - Film
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