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Yes I did actually, it was too tight. The York fits me pretty well so was hoping the Napoli would as well...
Hello. Picked up a Napoli in 42R but the upper back and sides are a bit snug and I'm getting rippling fabric. The 44 seemed a bit too big. Does anyone know how material is available on the sides to let out if I go that route? Thanks.
Decided to take the SS plunge! Neither item has been tailored yet. I know the pants need hemming, they are tucked up in the pictures, and the sleeves need slight shortening. How does the rest look? Thanks! York navy suit Havana brown sportcoat
I'm of luck to you!
I got one of the original ones a few years back...wear it somewhat regularly in the warmer months and its still going strong. No issues whatsoever.
I picked up an unlined piombo sport coat. Fits fairly well with just a few tweaks needed, but I'm wondering about the shoulders. No real padding there and I'm getting slight divots. Is this something I should be concerned with? Thanks!
That's too bad. I've also had stuff get forgotten/done late but the work is mostly good. Let me know if you find someone better...always good to have options.
That's who I use too...had pretty good luck with them. I cant really tell from your pic what's wrong but they won't adjust your pockets?
From the side it seems like the back was suppressed too much...looks tight. Which tailor are you using in phoenix?
Nice map! I'd change the name of Tie Your Tie to Frasi...Simone changed the name.
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