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Who would make a like . . a womens shear white scarf with patterns & possibly studs of some sort (not necessairily metal) on it? really girly lookin, Or something like that? trying to think of the type of brand(s) that might make somethin like that and coming up short. hope taht makes sense
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Pretty much any respectable shoemakers have them. Search for snuff suede chukkas. For example ((just replace the laces if you want the darker ones, which can be found for $1 at Allen Edmonds): C&J Chiltern AS Havant Edward Green thankyou SOOO much onix!!!!
Who would make a pair of shoes like this? im looking for these for a friend and i thought cole haan might have a pair like them . . unsuccessful. im getting stumped. thoughts? help? height of the heel is key and darkness of the lace/material. lol. pretty much *those* shoes, as closely as possible
Is their such a thing as "Good" t-shirts, in bulk? Like a decent non hanes v-neck/deep v-neck/good tshirt T? Something you might find at h&m or urban outfitters.. Online or otherwise?
Quote: Originally Posted by Largo Nope. AG and Diesel are separate, although Goldschmied was a partner with Renzo Rosso (who owns Diesel) back in the '70s, but Rosso bought him out sometime in the '80s. ahhhhh. makes sense thankyou!
Does the AG brand own diesel? Is thier a connection thier? Just curious
should you size up on low-rise jeans? Ie if your normally a 32, and you get a pair of jeans that have a 7 or 8 inch rise, should you move up to a 33?
Quote: Originally Posted by esaul17 Buy and Sell. It is referring to that division of the forums. ohhhhh ty
What is the acronym B&S? as used a few comments above?
Quote: Originally Posted by c00kz For a lot of people here it's price point. In my experience it's easier to discern quality after owning, washing, wearing, etc a pair for a while.. obviously, because that's when not-so-great jeans show signs of wear/tear. Just looking for features like tailored belt loops, selvedge, chainstitching could mislead you. But anyway, I expect well-constructed jeans to be made with heavy wear in mind. Thick, heavy and tightly...
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