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The Epsom are really excellent. Thats a pretty wild tie, though I kid of dig it. Whered you get it?
Fair point, I just graduated law school (stereotype here Im sure) and am going to start working as a patent lawyer in the Bay Area. Suits are not required; Im leaning towards the Saddleback also. Can you post a picture of the modifications you made to yours?
The first is the Clegg. The saddleback picture isn't the greatest, here's another one:
Well, Ive gotten my choice down to either the Saddleback thin in Tobacco Brown, or Frank Clegg American Briefcase in Tan. The Clegg is classier looking, whereas the Saddleback is more rugged. Im sure they are both constructed nicely so durability isn't a concern of mine, Im also leaving price out of it entirely and still cannot decide. I wish I could see both in person. Not that I need to post them, but:
As above poster noted, visit Leffot in nyc. From my limited knowledge of that city (Im from LA) it seems the best shoe store by a decent margin.
As a 1L I was worried that firms would care about my beard, but so far they don't seem to care. I'll say that most of the firms I'm interviewing with are based out of California though. I keep it on the neck partially also, as I hate the chin strap look. That said I wear Edward Greens, have a sharply tailored suit, and know how to pair ties properly. I don't look like the other kid here who also crawled out of the gutters of LA to attend law school on the East Coast.
Something so unsatisfying and bizarre about that second picture. Almost like his head is on backwards
I sent him some Edward Greens
I dig em, but for some reason it just looks like cow to me that someone carved up. However Ill add that Im also intoxicated
Shoulders are too big
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