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Disagree with you.People on styleforum are forever critiqued when they outfit does not suit their physique, here are a couple of examples:- bad fit because the subject is overweight- bad fit / sub par look because of sloped shoulders- bad fit because of short stature in combination with outfit (e.g.: DB suits)- color of outfit does not work well with ones complexionNobody beets an eyelid here on SF when that happens? Why all the commotion when it comes to tatts and...
I am not a native English speaker, so the way I express my self in English might seem a bit strange/unconventional to ones that are native English speakers.But I guess my English is a lot better the your Dutch.
You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. This is a forum about not only clothing but about Style, hence the name Styleforum. So I shall most certainly continue to state my opinion about ones style whenever I feel like it. I consider nothing that is related to ones style to be off limits. And by the way, I never told him to have his tattoos removed, I merely stated that if "I" was in his shoes "I" would have them removed. Most people with tattoos love them and that is...
Well, to me it looks like he deliberately shows them off by rolling up his sleeves.I don't like tattoos personally so if I was in his shoes I would have them (laser) removed starting by the ones that are most difficult to cover with clothing.And again I meant no offense just sharing my critique.
Is it just me that finds that your tatted bodybuilder physic doesn't suit the dad clothes you wear particularly well?Not hating just offering my critique.
^ Thanks for the info guys.
So has the 40% (May 29) sale already started in other parts of the World? On the French RL site I see no signs that the sale is ongoing?
Shoe 1: Edward Green Chelsea (Made to Order) 82 Last Tobacco Suede Natural dressed single sole Toe Taps Install Including original Edward Green Shoe trees for the 82 last Original Box and all swag included Original Price 925GBP Asking price 590 euro (net) Condition Excellent, worn less then 10 times Shoe 2: Edward Green Beaulieu (Made to Order) 82 Last Black Calf Regular Single sole Toe Taps Install Including original Edward Green Shoe trees for the 82 last Original Box...
Thanks allot for the information!
Considering a RTW Dover with Dainite soles, but I am curious about the following: - How does the thickness of a Dainite sole compare to say an EG double or the forefoot thickness of a H/AF sole? - Since sunken metal toe taps cannot be applied to Dainite soles, are Dainite soles a bad idea for wearers that wear though the toe section fast (between 5-10 wears) of leather soled shoes?
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