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Thank you kindy!
Can someone explain the difference in fit between the RRL slim fit jeans and their straight leg jeans! Do the slim fits fit like skinny jeans or more like straight leg jeans (say like a Levis 501)? Due to logistics I cannot try before I buy hence my questions.
Tanks for the tips rrlHEAD & boxdok, I will certainly be checking out the offers for ebay from now for size 31x32.
Could you advise me on RRL jeans. I am looking for a straight fit pair of RRL jeans. I would like a classical fitting model similar to a pair of Levis 501 jeans, basically a straight fit. I wear size 32X32 in Polo RL and, RPL pants. What model and size fits the above description best? Tanks in advance.
Thank you!
Waiting for the delivery of these babies, can't wait for them to arrive
I wonder how the price increases will affect the secondhand market and if people that in the past did not consider buying used will start to reconsider.
Reduced to 110 euro per pair.
Could you let me know a bit more about these two Ray Bans. Sorry about the lousy foto's. An estimation of what they are worth would be great as well.
Have the same models in almost the same colors (among others) in my collection, hence I am agreeable with your choices! Wear them well!Seeing you Shanklin's has resparked my eagerness to receive mine. They were planned to be delivered in August, will hopefully be early September, can't wait!
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