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@sdolina: This boot was made using the E.G. Top Drawer route. The sales rep I talked to, was of the opinion that the Galway is not well suited to be made on the 888 last partially due to construction issues and I presume partially from the heritage perspective. The issues they have in regards to construction he gave me I cannot recall. I also get the feeling E.G. just doesn't think that 888 suits the Galway very well because the Galway was originally conceived as a country...
Just a few quick pictures of my latest acquisition, MTO: Galway, 888, Bronze Antique Calf, HA/F Soles. These are my first pair of Galway's and my first pair of E.G.'s in Bronze, loving both. BTW: IRL bronze calf is allot darker then it looks in my pictures.
You're welcome!
Latest E.G. catalog: http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/edward_green_catalogue?mode=window
Nice Santoni'sJust kidding, wear them well!
Whats that got to do with the price of eggs?
OMFG, horrid is an understatement for these ensembles
- Bluchers also called Derbies (shoes with open lacing) are considered shoes for casual attire. - Balmorals also called Oxfords (shoes with closed lacing) are considered shoes for business/formal attire. The shoe you bought is a Blucher type shoe, it's also a full brogue shoe, the less brogueing on a business shoe the better. Basically the only good things it has going on formal wise is that it's black and is made from calf leather. Example's of "correct" shoe choice for...
Edward Green won't make a (MTO) Dover on the 82 (anymore), only on the 606 or 32 if I recall correctly.
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