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Handsome boots those Kentmere's. I just get the feeling that they would be too time consuming and awkward for me to put on because of the where the buckles are placed and also because you have laces and buckles to deal with.
Where do you live, E.G. also has a store in Paris and they also do trunk shows now and then at various locations across the globe (at least they used to).
In my opinion the 888 and the 808 are good examples of how the (soft) squared toe lasts should be done in order for them to retain the classic Edward Green look. The 888 does have some chisel to it, but in my opinion it has the perfect amount of subtlety to it. In my opinion the 890 goes overboard with the chisel and squareness and makes the last look alien to the brand, not at all English, elegant and subtle. More fashion forward and in your face. I strongly dislike this...
Mole suede is also one of my favorite E.G. suede colors. My Shanklins in mole suede, btw the 202 last has also really grown on me. The 82 used to get more love from me, but now I love them both equally.
Thanks for the tips and info.I have treated my Suede E.G.'s with Saphir Super Invulner. I will be wearing them with more confidence it wet weather from now on.
@dalevy: Thanks for your input!@TtownMD: Wow, that is one sturdy looking shoe, especially with the Dainite commando soles. I was playing with the idea of getting a pair of Sandringham's on Double Dainite soles with storm welts or possibly a pair of Westbourne's, but doubt the latter are available as RTW on rubber.
Thanks for the info. I have read that suede performs great if the rain, I was just a bit concerned because my Shanklins are pretty light (the uppers are in mole suede), I wasn't quite sure how the suede would handle dirty splashes of water when walking the streets in the rain.
Thanks, just to clarify, sometimes it rains multiple days after another so I would like another pair of rubber soled shoes as an alternative to my Galways. My current Galways are DOAK/Country Calf and I am very happy with their performance in the rain.Congrats with your StC, wear them well!
It has been raining a lot here in The Netherlands. Just curious if you guys wear your leather soled E.G.'s when it is raining or if you have specific pairs for that purpose. My first pair of E.G.'s were a pair of DOAK Chelsea's on single leather soles, I sort of ruined them by walking in the rain with them slightly too long (I got surprised by heavy rain while walking to my Hotel in Paris), the rain soaked the soles completely and the water absorbed through the soles up...
Thanks hoodog, but how can I tell when a resole is due?
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