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Thanks allot for the information!
Considering a RTW Dover with Dainite soles, but I am curious about the following: - How does the thickness of a Dainite sole compare to say an EG double or the forefoot thickness of a H/AF sole? - Since sunken metal toe taps cannot be applied to Dainite soles, are Dainite soles a bad idea for wearers that wear though the toe section fast (between 5-10 wears) of leather soled shoes?
Nice collection NAMOR!
Here is some more info on the boots:http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?75623-Edward-Green-Herrick-Anyone-have-a-pair
I learned the hard and expensive way to never buy dress shoes from a store that does not measure your feet before advising you on a size. Bring the shoes back if you can and get a cap toe styled more traditional that fits you extremely well.
Beauties, congrats!
I have decided to keep them, they are no longer for sale. Manufacturer: Edward Green Model: Chelsea Last : 202E Color: Dark Oak Size: UK7E/US7 1/2E Condition: Used on original sole (never resoled or re-heeled). Included: Original box and dust bags Not Included: Shoe trees Item location: The Netherlands Payment method: Bank Wire or PayPal Original price: 770 euro Asking Price: 250 euro (net, You cover Bank Wire or PayPal costs) Shipping and packaging: 45 euro via...
Can someone explain to me how exactly a RL private sale works? I am also curious to know if the private sales are world wide or US only.
@sdolina: This boot was made using the E.G. Top Drawer route. The sales rep I talked to, was of the opinion that the Galway is not well suited to be made on the 888 last partially due to construction issues and I presume partially from the heritage perspective. The issues they have in regards to construction he gave me I cannot recall. I also get the feeling E.G. just doesn't think that 888 suits the Galway very well because the Galway was originally conceived as a country...
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