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Will look into Hazel, thanks!
Thanks for the info.Burnt Pine having some green in it surprises me, I would't have thought that based on the pictures I have seen of the color on the web.I have also considered Edwardian, but in pictures it appears too light for my taste. I agree that you cannot go wrong with Dark Oak, but about half of my E.G. shoes are already in that color and would like to try something new.
Considering having a pair over Dovers made up in Burnt Pine Antique. What do you guys that have seen Burt Pine IRL think about the color? Is it more like a dark tan color (with a hues of orange) or more like a lighter shade of dark brown, say like Dark Oak, but then a few shades lighter?
Reduced to €400
@dddrees: You must have one humungous E.G. collection. Every time I come to this thread you either have something in the works or something has just arrived.
Another good resource for pictures of E.G. shoes: http://leffot.com/category/edward-green/
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Jacket (MSRP $2695) Asking price: €500 Size - M Condition - Brand new in tags Color - It comes close to beige in my opinion but, see pictures for the actual color 100% Cotton, treated for water resistance Trim: 100% Lambs leather Pit to pit - 22 in Length - 29 in The item and I are located in The Netherlands Payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal Shipping via registered express airmail (with tracking), shipping organization and costs are on my...
Seeing you have little use of it any time soon, I would sell it and use the funds to invest in other items you can also flip.
Thanks for the info too! In all my noobness as a seller I thought opening an eBay case was something really major.
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