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Thanks Tifosi. The color is called Ebony Delapre. They are a lot Darker than DOAK and even Bronze, they are by far the darkest brown shoes of my collection.Delapre leather has a very different look to it compared to DOAK, they look very flat (and have no antiquing).
Incoming, a pair of Derbies (model: Westbourne) to wear on the weekends. Mind the lousy lighting, they look browner and lighter IRL.
My Galway's also sat looser than my other non boot Edward Greens. I was also told by Edward Green staff that country boots are made a slight bit roomier because they are made to be worn with thicker socks. My Shanklin's (202E) on the other hand are just as tight as my regular E.G. shoes, but these are city boots so I guess that explains the slight difference in fit.I would be hesitant to have an MTO done in your situation. Ideally you would be able to try on various sizes...
Do you have any fit issues with you current E.G.'s. in 9.5D. Do they hurt? How much room is there to spare length wise in the toe box? Does you forefoot not sit correctly in the shoe? Does the widest part of your forefoot fit correctly in the widest part of the shoe? Do you have any heel slippage? Do they crease strangely (say on a cap toe way in front or way behind of the stitches of the cap)? On an Oxford, how much room is the between the laces when they are strapped, do...
Yeah, they just give me flashbacks to putting on my old snowboard boots. They always aggravated me because I had to turn my body to the side and fiddle with them endlessly to get them on. The longer I fiddled with them the more my body started to protest and the more irritated I got. I am just not one that has a lot of patience with this and am also a bit clumsy when it comes to buckles, especially in that position.It is probably all in my mind that they are a hassle to...
Handsome boots those Kentmere's. I just get the feeling that they would be too time consuming and awkward for me to put on because of the where the buckles are placed and also because you have laces and buckles to deal with.
Where do you live, E.G. also has a store in Paris and they also do trunk shows now and then at various locations across the globe (at least they used to).
In my opinion the 888 and the 808 are good examples of how the (soft) squared toe lasts should be done in order for them to retain the classic Edward Green look. The 888 does have some chisel to it, but in my opinion it has the perfect amount of subtlety to it. In my opinion the 890 goes overboard with the chisel and squareness and makes the last look alien to the brand, not at all English, elegant and subtle. More fashion forward and in your face. I strongly dislike this...
Mole suede is also one of my favorite E.G. suede colors. My Shanklins in mole suede, btw the 202 last has also really grown on me. The 82 used to get more love from me, but now I love them both equally.
Thanks for the tips and info.I have treated my Suede E.G.'s with Saphir Super Invulner. I will be wearing them with more confidence it wet weather from now on.
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