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Think I am actually going to have to resort to what you guys are suggesting. Thanks for the tips gents!
I have an eBay account since 2003 and have 100% feedback from 98 transactions. I have sold only about 4 items via eBay, and have only 4 feedback as a seller. I am located in the Netherlands. My problem is that I have a number of luxury items (mainly Edward Green shoes) that I would like to offer internationally. In order to offer items internationally eBay requires one to have 10 sales to their account. I don't have any items to offer that appeal to the local market to...
A single Dainite has approximately the thickness of a single leather sole, a double Dainite has approximately the thickness of a double leather sole.
I understand the mixup. As far as I know the Dover is not offered in Dark Oak on Dainite, the only RTW Dover option on dainite I have ever seen is in walnut country calf.With regards to the Dover in dark oak, I have personally only seen it offered on a HA/F (leather) sole as RTW.
Yes, I am sure they offered them as RTW at the time, they had them in my size and on display in the Paris store. Look up the Dover, it is also listed within the first 10 pages of the following E.G. catalog: http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/edward_green_catalogue?e=2586297/1428430See the bottom of the page. One of the options is: walnut country calf (dainite sole).Of course if E.G. says you need to go MTO then, they might not stock them at the moment. Possibly this is a...
The Dover on 606 with a double Dainite sole is offered by E.G. as a RTW option.I actually tried it on in Paris last January.
If we can agree on the last and the sole then I am in.If we can agree on the last and sole then I am defiantly in.I am interested in a CC Dover on 606 with B1 sole, what is the makeup you have in mind?
My pleasure!Great choice, on the top of my list as well
Sorry for the crappy lighting in some of the pics The requested detailed pics of the B1sole: Single (Harrogate) VS B1 (Dover) HA/F (Galway) VS B1 (Dover) : HA/F sole Double double (Galway) VS B1 (Dover)
I just picked them up from the DHL depot a couple of hours ago and have tried them on once for a few minutes. I don't own any EG's on leather doubles, I do own several on single, one on a HA/F sole and one on a Dainite double. My first impressions that the feel very comparable to the HA/F sole, especially due to the feeling of added hight.Sure, I am alway willing to take some pics for fellow EG enthousiasts. I shall take them and post them within 20 minutes.Yes, these are...
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