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Waiting for the delivery of these babies, can't wait for them to arrive
I wonder how the price increases will affect the secondhand market and if people that in the past did not consider buying used will start to reconsider.
Reduced to 110 euro per pair.
Could you let me know a bit more about these two Ray Bans. Sorry about the lousy foto's. An estimation of what they are worth would be great as well.
Have the same models in almost the same colors (among others) in my collection, hence I am agreeable with your choices! Wear them well!Seeing you Shanklin's has resparked my eagerness to receive mine. They were planned to be delivered in August, will hopefully be early September, can't wait!
The Southwolds are SOLD. The Chelsea and Beaulieu are still available.
The Southwolds are on hold pending funds.
Don't know what to think of the 890 last. It somehow doesn't have that classical and conservatieve English styling to it, that their other lasts do have.
Thanks for the info BigBadBernard. Thanks for the info too Dino944, I appreciate it a lot. Wear your 15202 in the best of health!
I am considering a 15202 myself, a few questions I hope you or someone else with experience with the AP 15202 can elaborate on:1. How does the maintenance interval of a 15202 look like?2. How much will a typical service set you back? What does AP do to the watch as part of the maintenance? Just clean the movement or also refinish the case and bracelet?3. How prone is case and bracelet to scratches and other damages, does they scratch and ding very easily?4. I have often...
New Posts  All Forums: