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Interesting stuff, thanks for the info guys!
Very nice, wouldn't mind owning a pair myself.Just curious on how E.G.'s in shell crease. I have never owned a pair of shoes in shell cordovan, but have seen allot of Aldens in shell on this forum, they seem to crease pretty heavily across the vamp. Can any one chime in as to how E.G.'s in shell hold up against creases vs calf.
Someone asked on which last the Dovers were made on the BB website, see below. The question was asked 1 year and 5 months ago, I doubt this information is up to date. I doubt they still offer them on the 888 unless they have some old stock:1What last are these made on? When will you have D widths?1 year, 5 months agoby LONGTIMEBROOKSCUSTOMERLos AngelesANSWER THIS QUESTIONWas this answer helpful to you?YESNOAnswer:It is the EG Dover on 888 last1 year, 5 months agoby...
I doubt you will be able to find Dovers on the 888, I have seen a few on the 888 on the Leffot site that were done a couple of years ago. A few months ago I asked E.G. to make me a Dover on the 888, they refused. They said the only offered them on the 606 and on the 32 last, the 888 was not an option.In hind sight I think the Dover looks far out best on the 606, it seems that the 606 and the Dover were made for each other. To my eye the 606 has allot in common with the...
Saint Crispin's also make their own (lasted) shoe trees.
Nice, what last were these made on?
Yes, E.G. offers it as the model Carnegie.
Very nice, congrats!
Might be better to ask here: http://patek.watchprosite.com or here: http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=threadt&frm_id=26
I was recently following a discussion on a vegan forum (I follow a low fat vegan diet) about if plastic shoes could be considered vegan if you take into account how many animal lives are taken with the production of plastic. Oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico, oil pollution in Nigeria etc come to my mind.PS: Not only does the faux leather vegan dress shoes are made of look like cr@p, they are generally also styled very poorly.
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