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Breaking in my Westbourne's, worn to the office today, the 4th, 10hour + wear since I got them about two weeks ago.
I can take some pictures tomorrow of more of my E.G. collection, it is almost midnight here in The Netherlands, so I am going to bed soon. I have E.G.'s that are half a size too large to a full size too large, the majority are in the correct size. I have personal experience in wearing shoes that are too large as wel as wearing shoes in the correct size.How incorrect sizing effects the structure, fit and creasing over time I can clearly demonstrate. Here below are two...
Your response does not surprise me at all. When I talk about a snug fit I am not talking about a fit that severely hurts ones foot when wearing the shoe, I mean that the shoes sort of hugs the foot all around without cramping the foot in any manner. Maybe on the first 3-8 wears my shoes may hurt my small toe on the right foot because my right foot is just a tad bigger than my left, and sizing up half a size would cause the shoes to be way too big on my left foot especially...
Imho "snug fit" > "loose fit", so I would recommend you expiriment with sizing down. When you have doubts about your shoe size, go to the store and try on and experience various sizes, choose the one with the best fit.If you live too far away from a retailer, it might be a good idea to contact them and explain your sititaion, ask if you could try the 7.5, with the option of sending them back for the size 8 if they turn out to be too small for you.
I always have flush toe taps installed on my brand new pairs of E.G.'s, then is the optimal time to have them done. Best is to have E.G. do them, but if it is not an option then have it done by an experienced cobler with a good reputation that is know to work on high end shoes. I would only recommend having flush metal taps installed, the same type that E.G. uses. Ask to see the actual taps they are planning to use before having them installed, this could save you an...
@AI do not have any official information when the resin 82 last came into use, I presume (take with a grain of salt), that they went into use along with the introduction of the 890 last around half a year ago. I don't no how one could determine if a shoe was built on the resin 82 if purchasing RTW, because you never know how long it was sitting in inventory. I presume mine was because it was MTO and was built within the last two months. I have also noticed a slight...
You might want to give shoes made on the new resin 82 lasts a try. They feel overall slightly but noticeably wider than shoes made on the old wooden 82 last, at least this is so with my latest pair of E.G.'s They are noticeably roomier than my shoes on other lasts in the same size (888, 202, 606), but not so much as to justify sizing down a size in width.
Thanks for the compliment Roger!
Took a few quickies in better light, not outside though as it is still raining here. These photo's do show accurately how they look in daylight.A group pic for comparison:Westminster: DOAK Calf from 2014Dover: DOAK Calf from 2015Galways: Bronze CalfWestbourne: Ebony Delapre
I will try to take some tomorrow, I have the day off so if it isn't raining that shouldn't be a problem.
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