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Brand: Edward Green Model: Inverness Color: Dark Oak Last: 888 Size: UK 7E Condition: Used, worn about 30 times in large rotation, cared for with Saphir shoe care products. Never resoled, never reheeled. No nicks or tears in the upper. Extra: - With original lasted shoe trees - Flush toe tips installed by the Edward Green factory - Original box and unused dust bags included Original price: 775£ / 1300US$ / 940€ Asking price: 625US$ via PayPal, PayPal costs and shipping...
I have noticed you shoes always seem devoid of creases? How do you do it? Whats your secret?
On what soles are the MTO Dovers? Single leather it seems, is this correct?
Good info on the 1/2 Danites, will look into them.Thanks for sharing.
Good to hear!
Way too much circle jerking here on SF. This is a forum setup to share knowledge and opinions about menswear, their should be room for positive and the negative opinions. Keep it real and express your thoughts, thats is part what a forum is for.
Ends Sunday the 2nd of March, US website only: Enjoy 10% off full-price and select sale items at RalphLauren.com for the next 14 days when you enter code CSS8657 at checkout.*
No I have not, I shall give them a try the next time I visit an E.G. store.Thanks for the tip Jerry!
I wish EG had a leather sole that was 1 1/2 the thickness of a single sole from fore foot through to mid foot. I personally dislike the tapered look of the HAF sole. I don't know why but it just looks strange and a bit feminine to my eye. I think allot of models would look perfect on a 1 1/2 thick sole like (sans the taper) for example: The Dover, The Westminster and The Oundle. I think the double sole looks way to thick when used on certain models on smaller sizes. The...
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