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I just picked them up from the DHL depot a couple of hours ago and have tried them on once for a few minutes. I don't own any EG's on leather doubles, I do own several on single, one on a HA/F sole and one on a Dainite double. My first impressions that the feel very comparable to the HA/F sole, especially due to the feeling of added hight.Sure, I am alway willing to take some pics for fellow EG enthousiasts. I shall take them and post them within 20 minutes.Yes, these are...
Thanks allot gents. I am over the moon with these
Just received in time for the summer MTO EG Dover in nutmeg suede, B1 sole with (natural edge dress):
The 20% discount is/was offered for a few days on the RL websites. If it is no longer advertised on the RL websites homepage for your country then the 20% discount does not apply there anymore.The offer is still valid in Europe until the 16th of April.
Lucky you, I have somewhat the opposite experience.I live in the Netherlands, they don't sell RLPL or PLBL here in brick and mortar stores. One can only find Polo RL in stores here. The closest RL boutiques located to where I live are Paris and London, so I typically have to order online. I visit RL Paris typically twice a year.The 20% discount sale started yesterday for the European online stores. There were three items I was considering purchasing before the sale...
Now until the 16th of April 20% discount available on the European RL sites
Was browsing the RL website this afternoon and noticed a few RLPL polo's that I really like. The only thing I don't like is the price of the PL ones. The RLPL ones are 245€ a piece and the Polo RL ones are either 85 or 95€. Browsing pictures on the website I couldn't notice allot of differences between the PL and Polo versions besides that the offered colors are different between the two lines. To whom that owns polo's from both lines, are there huge differences quality,...
LOL, Thanks To bad I don't have the same shoe size as you, not even close. I wear a UK6E.In your size you have allot more chances to pickup barely worn pairs on SF and eBay etc at great prices.This is similar to my experiences with EG too. They don't seem to offer the TD option at the early stages of communication when it comes to discussing the options of your desired MTO.
Thanks!I am not quite sure what their policy exactly is, but at the time the Galway on the 888 as regular MTO was not an option. I had to go TD and put in allot of effort in the communication to make it happen, EG wasn't very eager to make it on the 888 even as TD. They advised me strongly to consider other lasts like the 64, 82, 202 and the 606. My assessment is that as a regular MTO they offer most models in two standard lasts, if you want the shoe on another last you...
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