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^ That Lobb has a very similar brouging pattern to the E.G. Asquith. The E.G. Lichfield is another less busy E.G. model with some brouging you might want to check out.
The crup Galways are certainly very beautiful. Would realy like to see how they look after they have broken in. Wear them well!
Not a style you see every day. I bet you get a lot of reactions from those!
I had two pairs of burgundy shoes in the past, sold them of because they were too big for me. I don't think any burguny shoes will ever return to the stable. I live in The Netherlands, and prio beeing exposed to burgundy shoes here on SF I had never seen a man wearing burgundy shoes in my country. Don't really see men in other parts of Europe wearing them either, besides the U.K. I personnaly like brown and black more than burgundy if I were to wear burgundy, it would have...
Model: Edward Green Westminster (without the pictured shoe trees) Last: 888 Size: UK6 1/2E - US7E Color: Dark Oak (The dark oak from early 2015, which is much nicer than what Edward Green currently offers) Sole: Regulars single leather sole Extra: Flush metal toe taps Installed by the Edward Green factory. Including the original Edward Green shoe trees that where supplied by Edward Green for this particular pair of shoes. Original box, dust bags and all swag...
I was wondering about how difficult and or time consuming (or not) they would be to buckle up with the buckles located where they are.Thanks for the review.Great looking boots, wear them well!
Breaking in my Westbourne's, worn to the office today, the 4th, 10hour + wear since I got them about two weeks ago.
I can take some pictures tomorrow of more of my E.G. collection, it is almost midnight here in The Netherlands, so I am going to bed soon. I have E.G.'s that are half a size too large to a full size too large, the majority are in the correct size. I have personal experience in wearing shoes that are too large as wel as wearing shoes in the correct size.How incorrect sizing effects the structure, fit and creasing over time I can clearly demonstrate. Here below are two...
Your response does not surprise me at all. When I talk about a snug fit I am not talking about a fit that severely hurts ones foot when wearing the shoe, I mean that the shoes sort of hugs the foot all around without cramping the foot in any manner. Maybe on the first 3-8 wears my shoes may hurt my small toe on the right foot because my right foot is just a tad bigger than my left, and sizing up half a size would cause the shoes to be way too big on my left foot especially...
Imho "snug fit" > "loose fit", so I would recommend you expiriment with sizing down. When you have doubts about your shoe size, go to the store and try on and experience various sizes, choose the one with the best fit.If you live too far away from a retailer, it might be a good idea to contact them and explain your sititaion, ask if you could try the 7.5, with the option of sending them back for the size 8 if they turn out to be too small for you.
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