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LOL, Thanks To bad I don't have the same shoe size as you, not even close. I wear a UK6E.In your size you have allot more chances to pickup barely worn pairs on SF and eBay etc at great prices.This is similar to my experiences with EG too. They don't seem to offer the TD option at the early stages of communication when it comes to discussing the options of your desired MTO.
Thanks!I am not quite sure what their policy exactly is, but at the time the Galway on the 888 as regular MTO was not an option. I had to go TD and put in allot of effort in the communication to make it happen, EG wasn't very eager to make it on the 888 even as TD. They advised me strongly to consider other lasts like the 64, 82, 202 and the 606. My assessment is that as a regular MTO they offer most models in two standard lasts, if you want the shoe on another last you...
I went TD and had a pair made in Bronze on the 888 last. At the time I had never seen a Bronze Galway anywhere online or at EG London or Paris.LSH had some made in Bronze & Black country calf. See the following URL for details:http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2013/08/09/edward-green-galway-in-bronzeblack-country-calf-lsw/Here are few quick and dirty comparison pics of my Bronze pair and my Dark Oak pair.
Dito, my Bronze Galways get more love then my Dark Oak/Wanut CC Galways.
Could possibly be cloud, I'm not 100% sure though. See the online Edward Green catalog for and example of the color cloud (see the model: Gladstone):http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/edward_green_catalogue
Brand: Edward Green Model: Inverness Color: Dark Oak Last: 888 Size: UK 7E Condition: Used, worn about 30 times in large rotation, cared for with Saphir shoe care products. Never resoled, never reheeled. No nicks or tears in the upper. Extra: - With original lasted shoe trees - Flush toe tips installed by the Edward Green factory - Original box and unused dust bags included Original price: 775£ / 1300US$ / 940€ Asking price: 625US$ via PayPal, PayPal costs and shipping...
I have noticed you shoes always seem devoid of creases? How do you do it? Whats your secret?
On what soles are the MTO Dovers? Single leather it seems, is this correct?
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