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My current watches, hoping to add a 15202ST, might have to trade the PAM to make that happen:
Took me a bit longer to take the pictures, because when I cam home from work it was already too dark. Too the requested photo's today.
Thanks a lot to all that commented on my post, your responses snapped some sense into me. I will indeed pass on this opportunity and take my time to sell my Panerai, and purchase a new one hopefully in April or otherwise sometime down the road. Dino944: wear yours in the best of health. It is a beauty!
I have the opportunity to purchase a lightly worn AP 15202ST initially sold in June 2015. It is a full set and the watch shows minor signs of wear. The watch has never been polished. The seller is asking 15500 euro along with trading in my Panerai 27B that I have in my signature for sale. An AP dealer called me earlier this month, that he will be getting a 15202ST in April, I have read that a 10% discount on the watch should be achievable, bringing the cost on the watch...
Beautiful Galways, but rule #1 when it comes to menswear: Fit is paramount. Imho no matter how good a shoe looks, if doesn't fit well, move em while they are new. Live and learn. You're heels are slipping, the facings look like they are already completely closed and creases are already starting to develop around the heel. Well fitting shoes should't develop creases in that area at all. Some red flags that the fit is off at least by 1/2 a size possibly even a full...
First suede and CC Nevis I have ever seen, looks awesome!Thanks for sharing!
Wasn't the 888 based on the 808 and the 808 in turn based on the 88? I guess the 890 is just the next evolution of their squared toe last, can't say I like it though, much prefer the more classic aesthetics of the 888 and even more so the 808 over the 890. With every evolution the successor to my eye seems to have gotten slightly more aggressive (the nose became more square and more chiseled). I am curious to know how the 82 and 888 were received by the E.G. enthusiasts...
Will do tonight.
Used to be very passionate about Panerai. Loved the brand for about 8 years. I still own one from 1998 (see my sig) and also a minty 16600 from 1996. Currently I much prefer the 40MM case of the Rolex over the 44MM case of the Luminor and also the timeless look of the Sub styled cases. Fits nicely under the cuff of any dress shirt, can't say that about the Luminor. I think a 39-40MM watch is the best size for a wrist watch, especially for well dressed men. Something to...
^ That Lobb has a very similar brouging pattern to the E.G. Asquith. The E.G. Lichfield is another less busy E.G. model with some brouging you might want to check out.
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