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I spotted a few models in one of their most recent catalogues on the 808:See page 3: Model: ExeterSee page 5: Model: GladstoneSee page ? (lost count of the pages) WalcotSee catalogue: http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/edward_green_catalogue
To my understanding the size specified by Edward Green should be interpreted literally, so a 11/ 11 ½ E should be read as: UK11E & US11 ½ E. This I what I understood from Alex from E.G. Paris: if you go up in width, example given: from E to F then the F with has the same width as an E in half a length longer. A few examples to illustrate: - A UK11E has the same width as a UK10 ½ F - A UK11D has the same width as a UK10 ½ E For what it is worth, I have also come across...
Seems like a great deal indeed, they look to be in great condition.Enjoy!
Thanks Farhad!
Thanks allot guys!
Incoming Westminster in Dark Oak:
I have a scan of a close relative to the Dover in Edwardian Antique (The Ecton):Pics are from Leffot
Here is an example of the Dover in maple, not really a fan of the color myself. Edwardian looks allot more appealing to me personally:
I have basically had two different fitters from two different flagship stores of the same brand advise me differently for the same last.Going by measurements my left foot is a something like a 5.9 length wise left and 6.4 right.The one advised me to size down and go for the UK6E, his logic was that the shoe on the larger for would naturally stretch the leather width wise to a good fit. It is a fact that due to the heat your foot gives off and the pressure you apply to them...
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