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Wasn't the 888 based on the 808 and the 808 in turn based on the 88? I guess the 890 is just the next evolution of their squared toe last, can't say I like it though, much prefer the more classic aesthetics of the 888 and even more so the 808 over the 890. With every evolution the successor to my eye seems to have gotten slightly more aggressive (the nose became more square and more chiseled). I am curious to know how the 82 and 888 were received by the E.G. enthusiasts...
Will do tonight.
Used to be very passionate about Panerai. Loved the brand for about 8 years. I still own one from 1998 (see my sig) and also a minty 16600 from 1996. Currently I much prefer the 40MM case of the Rolex over the 44MM case of the Luminor and also the timeless look of the Sub styled cases. Fits nicely under the cuff of any dress shirt, can't say that about the Luminor. I think a 39-40MM watch is the best size for a wrist watch, especially for well dressed men. Something to...
^ That Lobb has a very similar brouging pattern to the E.G. Asquith. The E.G. Lichfield is another less busy E.G. model with some brouging you might want to check out.
The crup Galways are certainly very beautiful. Would realy like to see how they look after they have broken in. Wear them well!
Not a style you see every day. I bet you get a lot of reactions from those!
I had two pairs of burgundy shoes in the past, sold them of because they were too big for me. I don't think any burguny shoes will ever return to the stable. I live in The Netherlands, and prio beeing exposed to burgundy shoes here on SF I had never seen a man wearing burgundy shoes in my country. Don't really see men in other parts of Europe wearing them either, besides the U.K. I personnaly like brown and black more than burgundy if I were to wear burgundy, it would have...
Model: Edward Green Westminster (without the pictured shoe trees) Last: 888 Size: UK6 1/2E - US7E Color: Dark Oak (The dark oak from early 2015, which is much nicer than what Edward Green currently offers) Sole: Regulars single leather sole Extra: Flush metal toe taps Installed by the Edward Green factory. Including the original Edward Green shoe trees that where supplied by Edward Green for this particular pair of shoes. Original box, dust bags and all swag...
I was wondering about how difficult and or time consuming (or not) they would be to buckle up with the buckles located where they are.Thanks for the review.Great looking boots, wear them well!
Breaking in my Westbourne's, worn to the office today, the 4th, 10hour + wear since I got them about two weeks ago.
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