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I have never owned a quality shoe in shell but have been hanging around on SF for the last couple of years. My observations from following a couple of shoe topics is that shell is more suited for rugged style shoes and that calf is better suited for elegant shoes mainly because of the way shell creases. The recent offerings of the Galway in shell look very dressy to me, especially due to the color and the choice of a sole (leather). Isn’t they style of the boot somewhat...
Creme universelle is a pigmentless conditioner and cleaner, so depending on the type of scuff it will be effective or not. For surface level scuffs where the leather has not broken in any manner it works well imho. If there is some sort of cavity in the leather, then using a pigmented wax or so will be a more effective approach.Most of the time I just clean and condition my shoes with water and a little bit of creme universelle. If I find a mark will not come out...
I used Saphir Creme Universelle on my Westbourne's in Ebony Delapre, it seems to do an excellent job in nourishing the leather. This product is not greasy at all, after application (I rub it in with an old rag), it gets absorbed by the leather within one or two minutes. After some quick brushing it buffs to shine.
On a lesser note, caught on cam: man in London gets robbed of Rolex in broad daylight, beware who you flash your watch to. https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/10153525254876939/
Wow, nice piece! It's in amazing condition for its age. Wear it well!
Thanks, it is a PAM0027B (Tritium) from 1998.The previous series (the A-series) was all Tritium, the series afterwards (the C-series) was all Luminova. The B-series was transitional, some came with Tritium dials, most with Luminova dials. The model was discontinued with the C-series in 1999. Only a few hundred were made over all series with T-dials around 800 and around 3000 with L-dials, so you don't see these very often. The exact number of watches made is not exactly...
My current watches, hoping to add a 15202ST, might have to trade the PAM to make that happen:
Took me a bit longer to take the pictures, because when I cam home from work it was already too dark. Too the requested photo's today.
Thanks a lot to all that commented on my post, your responses snapped some sense into me. I will indeed pass on this opportunity and take my time to sell my Panerai, and purchase a new one hopefully in April or otherwise sometime down the road. Dino944: wear yours in the best of health. It is a beauty!
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