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That is a horrible fit, because:- The facings have fully met, yet they are so loose that you can pull of the shoes without unlacing them, that is crazy (not good) - You have heel slip- I can see in the top picture a gap is clearly visible between your ankle and the inside of the shoe, the shoes should not have that amount of excess spaceThese shoes are probably half to a full length too long as well as a half to a full length too wide.Do yourself a huge favor and: Get fit...
Nice & congrats!I thought that RL stopped the partnership with E.G. some time ago. Are these NOS shoes or what?
The Chelsea's & Southwold's are SOLD, only the Beaulieu's are still available.
With me sometimes it happens that one of the OEM fitted laces breaks just about when the shoe is ready for a new heel. Just how tight are you strapping your laces?
What makeup are you going for ? Suede or calf. I never really liked chukkas myself, until I saw the Skanklin on the 202 last. Bought it straight away. I believe the Shanklin is only made in suede though.
Now up on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/272149894226?
I use a nail brush like the one below instead for brushing my suede shoes, not a fan of the ones that use brass either. Most supermarkers in the Netherlands carry them, they are very cheap and last a long time.
My feelings towards shell and to how it creases come from spending some time browsing this thread. http://www.styleforum.net/t/268468/the-shell-cordovan-non-alden-shoe-and-boot-thread I would advise people who are interested to start browsing from the back, because it is a pretty old thread and some pictures on the earlier pages have been removed. Maybe some will see where I am coming form after spending some time there. Look at the shoes that have actually been worn a...
I think on the 82 last in smooth burgundy or dark oak it is more an elegant city boot, not so much a country boot.The Galway on the 64 in Utah or CC on Ridgeway is country all the way.
This is more the style of E.G. shoe shell best suited for in my opinion, more a country shoe made on a classic round toe last with a double Dainite sole and possibly a storm welt. Not so much for the Galway on the 82 last on leather soles, but that is just my opinion.Your shoes look decent crease wise, but I assume they had been sitting in trees for a while when you took the photo. Do they look just as good after walking around in them for a while, like throughout a normal...
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