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Thank you for answering my questions!
So I sold an item a week ago. Buyer did not pay for it within 6 days. I had sent him an invoice on two occasions, one a day after he purchased the item and one four days later. On day 6 I opened a case through eBay that the item had not been payed for. He payed a couple of hours later. I shipped his item within 6 hours after receiving the payment and administrated this through eBay. I am guessing the guy changed his mind after winning the auction and thought we would just...
They are on the 888B, most wear the E last some D, but B? Got to have pretty narrow feet to pull these of imho.
Indeed your Galways have HA/F soles. One of the reasons for HA/F soles is indeed to make the shoe look more elegant, the waist of the shoe is sometimes bevelled which also contributes to an overall more elegant look of the shoe. I am not sure if the HA/F sole provide more comfort compared to full leather double soles, maybe someone that has both can chime in. I have a pair of Galways on HA/F and multiple other models on single soles, the only difference I notice when...
HA/F soles are soles that have the thickness of double leather soles at the forefoot section of the sole, which then tappers to single sole thickness at the (arch) midsection of the sole. See the following example.
I was in Paris this weekend and wore my Galways (82 - Dark Oak + Country Calf - Dainite double sole) two days straight. I took the subway a couple of times a day. I noticed about 4 girls on different occasions that were eyeballing my boots of which one girl in her early twenties was just gazing at them for about 5 minutes straight (until I reached my destination and hopped off). Also a salesmen at the RL store in ST Germain, complemented me on them and wanted to know who...
Nice, what soles are on these? Single or Double leather?
They look kind of off to me, as if they where double monks missing the second buckle. I like both the Westminster and Oudle a lot more than these.
Just spotted the new E.G. monk (model: Ashton) on twitter, thought I would share it with you guys. Curious to your opinions on the new monk.
Price reduced from 750US$ to 625US$
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