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Anyone know when the Edward Green store in Paris (Boulevard Saint Germain) is having their next sale?
I agree that that shoe should not have left the factory like that, and can understand why you where disappointed with their services, in your position I certainly would have been disappointed too. But I don't think it is fair to imply that this example is the standard one can expect from a recraft by E.G., I doubt that they would be in business today if it was. Bottom line is, like any company they sometimes make mistakes. The question is do they make wrong right again?...
So why did you return to them on the second occasion for a shoe redrafting if they did such a terrible job on the first?Because you know just as well as I that they use the best materials, the original materials, the original lasts, the original procedures etc and you shoe shall be returned to you as an (as good as new) 100% original Edward Green shoe and not some tampered with mongrel shoe.If things go wrong they will make it right, can this be said for the average...
I have no personal experience with having "E.G. for X" shoes recrafted by E.G., but have read allot of posts on E.G. on this forum. Basically if E.G. made the shoe and it has not been previously recrafted by a third party, then E.G. will accept them for recrafting. If you have any questions regarding the recrafting by Edward Green, you can contact them via the contact form on their website. Recrafting by E.G. shall probably set you back allot more and take more time then...
Anyone have a comparison picture of EG's in Dark Oak and in Bronze. Never seen EG's in Bronze in real life, have seen them in pictures but in different lighting the color looks... well different. Also interested to hear your thoughts on the color. For what it's worth I am considering a pair of MTO Galway's in Bronze.
Thanks for the info!
Nice! Can anyone identify the color of the uppers and kind of soles on these (Single, Double, Haf, etc)?
Just googled images of Henley shirts, and they fit the bill exactly.Thank you!
Anyone know what the correct term of the shirt that meets this description?: White long sleeve t-shirt, round neck, button down opening (generally about 4 buttons) at the front from the neck down to about chest height I have seen quite a few of these styled shirts in western movies, men typically wore them as undergarments. Thanks, Michael The Netherlands
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