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Just arrived. Details Dover MTO / Burgundy Antique / 606 last / Single sole
My pleasure,CheersMichaelThanks for the tip. Have been there once and was quite impressed with their stock and passion for shoes.
I live in the Netherlands and I am yet to find a cobbler that is able and is willing to install sunken toe tips. To install sunken toe tips the cobbler has to cut and shave a layer of leather off the sole that leaves a space that exactly mates with the metal toe tip. This must also be done with great precision to avoid cutting through the welt stitch.Most shoemakers can install the non sunken ones. I would recommend to send the shoes back to the original manufacturer for a...
- Pink items - Tan colored shoes - Shoes in shell - Tassel loafers - Those trendy bangles that you see some men wearing with their wristwatch (hate them with a passion) - Anything preppy - Chino's - Chukkas - Man bags - French cufs
Could you two kindly settle your disagreements elsewhere? Please remember that this thread was setup to share the appreciation for Edward Green shoes, not for mud fighting and all sorts of other off topic stuff.
Lovely shoes guys! Is the Galway available as RTW? Or are they MTO only?
Thx for the feedback
EG Southwold (888 last) This (Colour: Edwardian Antique) That (Colour: Burgundy Antique)
Thanks for the information and tips so far gents! I have learned allot from them.
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