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Shoe 1 (Chelsea in Tobacco Suede is sold) Shoe 2 (Beaulieu in Black Leather is still available)
Laura was so kind to help me out, so this post is no longer needed!
Neo Vintage Panerai 27B (Tritium dial/Silver Arrow), made in 1998 - Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, power reserve indicator; - Complete set, comes with all the original accessories (same as A-series); - The watch is in excellent condition. I rate it a conservative 95%; - Got a full service in 2013 by Panerai, paper work will be supplied with the watch - Price is 6950.00 euro excluding shipping and insurance; - Payment cash or bankwire only; - More information...
Last reduction before it will be offered on eBay €375
How often does E.G. increase their prices annually? And how high in percentage or amount is the typical price increase?
Shirt 2: ****** CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ****** Brand: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made: In Italy Model: Keaton (Cut away collar) Material: 100% Coton Buttons: MOP Pattern: Plaid Color: Purple / Green / Black / Bordeaux Size: 15 1/2 Purchased: 2014 MSRP: 295 euro Asking price: 100 euro Condition: Worn on four occasions, in excellent in new condition, completely undamaged. Shirt 1: *****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD***** Brand: Ralph Lauren...
Will look into Hazel, thanks!
Thanks for the info.Burnt Pine having some green in it surprises me, I would't have thought that based on the pictures I have seen of the color on the web.I have also considered Edwardian, but in pictures it appears too light for my taste. I agree that you cannot go wrong with Dark Oak, but about half of my E.G. shoes are already in that color and would like to try something new.
Considering having a pair over Dovers made up in Burnt Pine Antique. What do you guys that have seen Burt Pine IRL think about the color? Is it more like a dark tan color (with a hues of orange) or more like a lighter shade of dark brown, say like Dark Oak, but then a few shades lighter?
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