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I am really liking the Shanklin's too. I ordered a pair in Paris some time ago in mole suede with natural colored sole. They will be done in August, can't wait to receive them! Strange how I started out as an Oxford guy and now the E.G.'s the get the most wear are the Derbies (Galway, Dover and I expect the Shanklin).
Wow those Shannons are beauties! I am pretty curious as to how E.G. crup looks after say 20 to 30 wears.
Some you guys should seriously get into rehab for your E.G. addiction.. LOL..
Sure, my experience is based on:UK6E:3 X 8882 X 6061 X 82UK6.5E:1 X 888E
Personal choice, but I prefer to go with snug vs slightly loose. I am not at all a fan of the E.G. sockliners. For me, in my situation they don't work well at all.In my experience is that after the shoe has broken in it will start to fit looser. Due the heat and moist that your foot gives off the leather will stretch after some wears and also due to your weight (heat and moist) the cork filled sole will slightly compress making the shoe fit roomier after it has broken in....
See the sole comparison pictures bellow:http://www.styleforum.net/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/8760
I have the following variety of soles, don't own double leathers though:Double Dainite (Galway)HA/F leather (Galway)B1 leather (Dover)Single leather (Asquith, Chelsea, Beaulieu, Westminster)I did a comparison a few moths ago, when I received my first pair of Dovers on B1. It is somewhere in this thread.I will try to find it for you.
You could also consider the B1 sole. It is a leather sole that is in terms to thickness in-between a single leather sole and a double leather sole. I have my Dovers made up with this sole because I don't like HA/F soles and find a double leather sole looks too thick on smaller sized Dovers. I wear a UK6E.
Excellent!Did you deliberately have your trousers hemmed higher than normal for wear with boots?
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