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I would keep them, polish them and use them as beaters.
+1, I am very interested to know what gets included in the sale at E.G. London.I was in Paris last January during the winter sale, the only shoes that were on sale at E.G. Paris were a few odd models in various sizes. I guessed they were MTO's that clients for whatever reason had not collected. Nothing of their current day RTW line was on sale.
Not that often do you see a Galway on the 606. I think it looks awesome on the 606. Must pickup a pair myself on that last. Thanks for sharing! PS: Which last is your favorite for the Galway?
I spotted a few models in one of their most recent catalogues on the 808:See page 3: Model: ExeterSee page 5: Model: GladstoneSee page ? (lost count of the pages) WalcotSee catalogue: http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/edward_green_catalogue
To my understanding the size specified by Edward Green should be interpreted literally, so a 11/ 11 ½ E should be read as: UK11E & US11 ½ E. This I what I understood from Alex from E.G. Paris: if you go up in width, example given: from E to F then the F with has the same width as an E in half a length longer. A few examples to illustrate: - A UK11E has the same width as a UK10 ½ F - A UK11D has the same width as a UK10 ½ E For what it is worth, I have also come across...
Seems like a great deal indeed, they look to be in great condition.Enjoy!
Thanks Farhad!
Thanks allot guys!
Incoming Westminster in Dark Oak:
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