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Yes, I always brush and condition my new shoes with Saphir Renovateur before their first wear, for the reasons that the OP stated.
I find G&G shoes with exception to shoes made on their classic last, generally to flamboyant, elongated, pointy, aggressively styled and feminine for my taste. I also dislike the high instep of G&G shoes, but I have only ever tried on one pair, so I am not sure if all their dress shoes feature the high instep or not. I personally much prefer the more conservative and elegant style of E.G. shoes.
^ Wow a £15K E.G. MTO collection, would love to see some pictures of them, please share.
Anyone know who sells a half zip pullover similar to the following: The original is a RLPL. The first thing about the original that I dislike is the large and colorful embroided logo, it would be imo perfect without it. The second is the retail price of 795 euro, that I find utterly ridiculous. This design is also not really exclusive to RL as I had something similar about a decade ago, but alas it is long gone. If anyone know where I can get something similar for...
Loving the new look!
Sweet!Are these on single or HA/F soles? And what is the color called? Olive Green?
The black shoes In my current rotation that I love: - Black calf Oxford, plain cap toe (EG Chelsea on the 82 last) - Black calf Oxford, austerity brogue (EG Beaulieu on the 82 last) ** Also like the Saint Crispin austerity brogue "104" in Black but don't own a pair I personally love black shoes just as much as dark brown ones, I generally dislike tan and cordovan shoes.
Great & ThanksI shall be in Paris on the 13th/14th of January
Anyone know when the Edward Green store in Paris (Boulevard Saint Germain) is having their next sale?
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