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Good to hear!
Way too much circle jerking here on SF. This is a forum setup to share knowledge and opinions about menswear, their should be room for positive and the negative opinions. Keep it real and express your thoughts, thats is part what a forum is for.
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No I have not, I shall give them a try the next time I visit an E.G. store.Thanks for the tip Jerry!
I wish EG had a leather sole that was 1 1/2 the thickness of a single sole from fore foot through to mid foot. I personally dislike the tapered look of the HAF sole. I don't know why but it just looks strange and a bit feminine to my eye. I think allot of models would look perfect on a 1 1/2 thick sole like (sans the taper) for example: The Dover, The Westminster and The Oundle. I think the double sole looks way to thick when used on certain models on smaller sizes. The...
HAF soles are 1 1/2 the thickness of a single sole at the fore part of the sole and taper to single sole thickness at the mid section of the sole.
Nice, what are the specs? (last, sole, color): 202, double leather sole, dark oak?
Nice, thanks for sharing. Will definitely start throwing some black polish into the mix!
Thanks for the tip!Thanks for the info and tips, I reckoned that the mink oil in Renovateur would darken the leather.My goal is to get them to look something like these color wise:Thanks for the info.
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