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According to the advertising text, these Dovers are on the 888, I have a hard time distinguishing the 606 and 888 from pictures so I cannot verify this:http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Edward-Green-Dover-Algonquins/MH00059,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00059_Color=DKRD&contentpos=71&cgid=0522
Interesting, thanks for the information!
Good question, I always disliked the pegged waist construction of StC and especially the way their shoes are resoled because of this. They seem to do half sole resoles at their factory. Curious to know how they do Dainite and also if they do half sole resoles in combination with Dainite soles. A half sole resole i.c.w. a Dainite sole doesn't seem like a good idea to me with regards to the water resistant properties of the sole.
What the Leffot site says used to apply, at least according to what I read here in this thread a couple of months ago about the changes they made to their trees. To my knowledge their were at least three variants of E.G. shoe trees, one for the 202/606, one for the 82/888 and one for their loafer lasts (505 among others). A couple of months ago they switched to two generic trees if I recall correctly, one last for dress shoes and one for loafers, at least that is what I...
Model: Southwold (Made To Order). This is a very rare Edward Green shoe, that is only available through the Edward Green Made To Order or Top Drawer programs. Last: 888E Size UK7E - US7.5E Color: Burgundy Antique Material: Leather Soles: Single leather sole Ordered from: Edward Green London Original price: 1090 euro Price: 620 euro Styleforum: michaelvl Extras: - Original shoes trees delivered by Edward Green for shoe and last are included. The shoe trees alone cost an...
Brand: Crockett and Jones Model: Wigmore Color: Black Size: UK7E Extra: With original C&J shoe trees, comes in original box and original dust bags Condition: Used, no tears or serious dings in the uppers. The shoes have been resoled once by Crockett and Jones Price: 140 euro (the trees alone cost about 75 euro new) Payment via BankWire or PayPal Shipping 20 euro World wide Now up on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crockett-and-Jones-UK7E-Wigmore-Black-/272007904323? Brand:...
Got a couple of staples in the Oxford department, but you be the judge:The Derbies:- Dover 606 Nutmeg Suede- Dover 606 Dark Oak- Galway 82 Dark Oak / CC- Galway 888 Bronze- Shanklin 202 Mole Suede- Harrogate 888 Dark OakThe Oxfords:- Asquith 888 Mink Suede- Chelsea 202 Dark Oak- Chelsea 82 Black (FS because of wrong size, UK7E)- Beaulieu 82 Black (FS because of wrong size, UK7E)- Southwold 888 Burgundy (FS because of wrong size, UK7E)The Monk straps:- Westminster 888 Dark Oak
I am really liking the Shanklin's too. I ordered a pair in Paris some time ago in mole suede with natural colored sole. They will be done in August, can't wait to receive them! Strange how I started out as an Oxford guy and now the E.G.'s the get the most wear are the Derbies (Galway, Dover and I expect the Shanklin).
Wow those Shannons are beauties! I am pretty curious as to how E.G. crup looks after say 20 to 30 wears.
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