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[quote name="JR Magat" Also picked these up at the post office this morning...!  Edwardian Shannon boots with Southwold cap E82 last from LuxeSwap (Thanks again for the great service) [/quote] The faux cap looks to come from the Inverness and furthermore they left off the medallion, and not from the Southwold. The Southwold has a real layered cap and the shape of the cap and broguing are quite different. Here is a pic of a pair of Southwolds. Details aside, they look...
Thanks for the info,I used to have almost the exact same shoe except my Southwold's where made on the 888 last. I did not consider them to be a V-cap because the caps of the StC and of GG resemble each other very closely and imho show a distinct V to them, whilst the E.G. Southwold has a cap that to me is a sort of hybrid between a regular straight cap and a Wingtip.
I have never seen one made by E.G., could you name any or share pictures of a V cap model made by E.G.?
I understand the enthusiasm for great Pizza, but kindly take it elsewhere, it is polluting this great thread that was setup to discuss Edward Green shoes.
Final reduction to 540$ US Shipping is 45 $US.
Final reduction to 540$ US Shipping is 45 $US.
I got into Panerai in 2005, the market for the brand was really hot until about 2011 for the historic pieces. For me Richmond and especially Bonati have really made some poor choices that have cause lot of hard core Paneristi's to sell their collections and leave the brand. I have also sold of almost my entire collection except for one piece, that I probably will keep for good. They really seem to monitor the second hand market and if they find a certain limited edition...
Breaking news on Panerai https://youtu.be/HoJif5A9tFM
I believe seconds also come in a dark green box and not in the light mint green box that regular production models come in. The dark green box is the same kind that you will get back from E.G. if you send you shoes to them for service. On the label of the box, the shoes are also marked B.
Edward Green Beaulieu (Made to Order) 82 Last Black Calf Regular Single sole Flush Toe Taps Installed by the Edward Green factory Shoe trees not included Original Box and all swag included Original Price 925GBP Asking price 540$ US (net) Condition Excellent, worn less then 10 times The items and I are located in the Netherlands. Payment via PayPal or bankwire. Shipping via registered express airmail is 45$ US. If you would like the item to be shipped via courier thats...
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