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I was in Paris this weekend and wore my Galways (82 - Dark Oak + Country Calf - Dainite double sole) two days straight. I took the subway a couple of times a day. I noticed about 4 girls on different occasions that were eyeballing my boots of which one girl in her early twenties was just gazing at them for about 5 minutes straight (until I reached my destination and hopped off). Also a salesmen at the RL store in ST Germain, complemented me on them and wanted to know who...
Nice, what soles are on these? Single or Double leather?
They look kind of off to me, as if they where double monks missing the second buckle. I like both the Westminster and Oudle a lot more than these.
Just spotted the new E.G. monk (model: Ashton) on twitter, thought I would share it with you guys. Curious to your opinions on the new monk.
Price reduced from 750US$ to 625US$
I'll have to pass on the Malvern on the 888 for now as I already own too many shoes that are quite similar: Inverness, Harrogate and the Asquith. Thanks for the offer though.
Wow, first time I have seen the Malvern on the 888. Having owned the Inverness for some time, I think that these are a step up from the Inverness. I think that real broguing of the Malvern looks allot better than the faux broguing of the Inverness.
Napa Lether Jacket By Diesel. The leather is very soft and supple and of high quality. Purchased: 2007 Sate: In excellent condition (no nicks or tears), worn sparingly Size: M Color: Black Measurements: armpit to armpit: 53 cm, length 61,5 cm Payed: 869 euro for it in 2007. Location: The jacket and I are located in The Netherlands Shipping via registered airmail included. Alternative shipping service: If you want to have it shipped via courier, then thats fine. I will...
Dude, you have a good full head of hair. Your current hairstyle makes it look like you are wearing a wig. You can do way better!
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