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Curious to know if other U.K. based shoe brands like JL, G&G, C&J and Trickers also have had to raise their prices as significant as of recent, or if this is something we are only seeing with E.G.
Looks like these are in desperate need of attention from StC. The stitching has come loose on the vamp of the left of the right shoe, this will only get worse over time up until the point they might become beyond repair.
Forgive me for this shameless shill I am selling a pair of 202E Chelseas in DOAK in UK7E, I had recently repurchased the exact same shoe but then in the correct size for me, these were too big for me I wore them with a removable insole for some time. They have been recrafted once by Edward Green not too long ago, so they have plenty of life left in them. The bid price is currently only at 112.50 US$, so not even half for what I payed for the recraft, so if they are in...
In Europe the prices of PL have gone up quite a bit, I find myself purchasing less PL since the price increase. About a year ago casual pants used to be generally priced at 295 euro, now 345 or 395 seems to be the new standard. Ashton and Keaton shirts used to be priced at around 325 euro now they are generally offered at 395. I used to purchase a lot of PL even at full retail, stuff that I liked and knew that sell out in my size and not be available during a sale and...
Congrats!I really love the Beaulieu. I have a pair black but alas in the wrong size (UK7E), I really want to replace them with a pair in the correct size, but will have to wait until they sell.
I meant the area between the two creases, is there a lot of excess room there?
The vamp looks to have concaved, how much spare room do you have in the toebox area? My estimate is quite a bit. Tell us more.
[quote name="JR Magat" Also picked these up at the post office this morning...!  Edwardian Shannon boots with Southwold cap E82 last from LuxeSwap (Thanks again for the great service) [/quote] The faux cap looks to come from the Inverness and furthermore they left off the medallion, and not from the Southwold. The Southwold has a real layered cap and the shape of the cap and broguing are quite different. Here is a pic of a pair of Southwolds. Details aside, they look...
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