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I'll have a crack.From left to right:1. Troon 202 (looks pretty wide, might be an F-width)2. ??3. Westbourne 82 delapre4. Lichfield 8905. ??
I have a feeling that your best bet would be searching online stores in Asia or Italy, more men their with smaller feet than in Western Europe and in the U.S.A I recon. Might want to check out the following page for a list of E.G. resellers: https://www.edwardgreen.com/stockistsThe last 3 years I have been wearing size UK6E and have never found anything in my size on eBay or through any other E.G. resellers. All my E.G.'s have come from E.G. directly and were purchased at...
Thanks for the offer. I have a pair of used DOAK Westminsters for sale on the 888 in UK6 1/2E, these were built on the wooden last. They are too big for me. I have come to experience that once a UK6E shoe is broken in, they fit me like a glove, so that is why these are for sale. I believe to have noticed that you currently wear the latter size. If you would consider a trade then send me a PM to discus this further in private.Yeah, I had noticed your post. They look awesome...
I am in the market for a pair of Dovers in Walnut CC on Dainite in UK6E. If anyone happens to know a store located in the E.U. that carries them, then please let me know. E.G. doesn't have my size in stock at the moment so they would have to be made if I were to go through them.
Up for consideration is the Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable Knit Sweater in Yellow. Size: Medium Condition: It has been worn once. The item and I are located in the Netherlands. Asking price is 125US$. Shipping is 18 US$ World Wide. Payment via PayPal or bank wire, shipping via PostNL.
That is a lot less than usual, are these seconds?
Initially I offered the shoes with trees but then at a higher price.After a certain period I decided alter the advertisement text and offer them without trees because I suspected that majority of SF members don't care for OEM trees but rather want the lowest possible price. These shoes retail now for 890GBP/1115USD (without trees, without taps and excluding shipping costs). I am offering them at less than half the price The shoes are in very good condition and have been...
Very handsome boots, pity the aren't in my size, otherwise I would have gladly taken them off your hands.Wear them well.
Is E.G. in private hands or in that of investors?
New Posts  All Forums: