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Is this a black Iris Liner jacket for FW16? First photo I've seen of it, so does anyone know if this is actually gonna be a thing this fall, or am I just seeing a very saturated photo of the navy SS16 one? And if it is black, how hard would it be to proxy one of these? iirc the olive ones went for something in the $800 range in Japan, but we're like $1400+ here in the US.
Yep. Most Hondas from that era are really easy to get into. I spent a lot of my youth making sure that the only way someone could get away with a customer's car or any significant amount of its parts was by towing it.But man, that sucks. Is your building going to do anything for you guys?
Makes sense. I think it was because the seller had a limited amount of feedback for the price. I ended up losing at the end though :\
Speaking of zenmarket, anyone know what this means?I'm assuming it means that someone else on zenmarket has also bid on the item. FWIW, I've e-mailed them about it, but the auction ends within eights hours so I'm a little anxious about getting a bid in now.EDIT - It's gone now and I was able to put the bid through as normal. I can now go to bed in peace.
Can anyone here recommend a cobbler in SF for getting Vibram soles?
@baltimoron Is that a faded black/charcoal suede? If so and it's in the 44/46 range, and you decide you need to sell it, hit me up I usually only see the deep black suede ones pop up for sale, which I admittedly like too, but I think the color on yours looks even better.
Damn. That's actually a great idea lol. My sleepwear consists of heat tech crew neck tees, those long boxers/cropped heat tech pants they used to sell, and room slippers. Pretty warm and cozy. I just wish I bought more of the pants before they stopped selling them.
FYI, that Gentry code has exclusions. Tried to get the OL Liner Jacket with it, but it doesn't qualify :\
Wanted a black or charcoal liner jacket. Torn between the WTAPS one and the Our Legacy one. The WTAPS one appeals to the part of me who dresses like Tetsu Nishiyama 90% of the time, but I think the Our Legacy one looks better and so much more cozier. If I went with Our Legacy though, I'd probably have less to wear it with. Would also size up so it's slouchy.
Does anyone know if Haven or End usually have Black Friday sales?
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