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FYI, that Gentry code has exclusions. Tried to get the OL Liner Jacket with it, but it doesn't qualify :\
Wanted a black or charcoal liner jacket. Torn between the WTAPS one and the Our Legacy one. The WTAPS one appeals to the part of me who dresses like Tetsu Nishiyama 90% of the time, but I think the Our Legacy one looks better and so much more cozier. If I went with Our Legacy though, I'd probably have less to wear it with. Would also size up so it's slouchy.
Does anyone know if Haven or End usually have Black Friday sales?
FWIW, I think they should be ordered long and a size up. I'm usually 44-46 and originally got one in a 36 and it was way too short and didn't look right. I eventually got a 38L and it's slouchy without looking like it's someone else's jacket.
I got the subversive part. I was just wondering if you meant people who appreciate their existence for that reason, or people who actually buy them ironically. Because I don't think I've encountered very many of those who would purchase fake luxury items ironically, but I do run into the former one often enough. Also wasn't sure if fast fashion buyers was it, like I said, I didn't their reasoning for buying was to upset fans of the real thing. But I'm still curious if...
Do you mean that own them or, simply people who appreciate the fakes? Does fashion have an equivalent of that?I'd suggest that people who buy fast fashion copies of designer things might be it, but I have my doubts that they're trying to appall the people who do find value in the original designer pieces.
William Gibson tweeted this link about the psychology of luxury products earlier today. I thought it was pretty interesting: [[SPOILER]]
@jet appearance is more interesting than anything else I've seen in this thread for a while.
But who here is buying them, or very much else, from US stockists though? That's why I was only looking at Y! and Rakuten to begin with. Plus, I did point out that they were a little cheaper than what I've generally seen them for overseas, just more than how much I was willing to spend for this kind of footwear at the moment. But as Fok put it, I should be looking at them less like sneakers and more like an extremely well made homage (I mean i've done it with other things...
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