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@TWEEFWEND Have you always been in California (had assumed you were somewhere in Europe)? Also, what Firewire Board is that?
Forgot where this was bought, but it was several years ago. Mohair texture on this is really cool, but might also be itchy depending on how sensitive your skin is. It has a lot of pilling on the sides and sleeves that might be better managed with scissors versus a shaver (which I’ve been reluctant to use). Still in pretty good condition otherwise and perfect for that comfy life. shoulders 44cm chest 48cm sleeve 60cm front 57cm back 65cm
Bought this from someone on here I think. From FW14, and probably my favorite version of it. I’m actually on the fence about selling it since I actually do like it, I just haven’t been wearing it as much as of late. Probably won’t take any offers on this and keep it if I don’t get my asking price. 55% wool 23% cotton 15% polyester 4% nylon 2% acrylic 1% rayon shoulders 45cm chest 53cm sleeve 60cm back 65cm
Bought this from Coverchord last summer. Despite the measurements, it fits very loose. See attached photo to get an idea of how it looks. Not something I felt like I could pull off so it was worn pretty sparingly and more as a layer under something else. shoulders 42cm chest 53cm sleeve 62cm front 67cm back 67cm
I think this was purchased from Gentry in late 2015. The mohair on this is something else and overall is a nice alternative to the traditional liner jackets out there. Didn’t end up wearing this too much since this doesn't fit into my wardrobe as well as a regular nylon one would have. shoulders 43cm chest 58cm sleeve 63cm front 50cm back 72cm
Got this from MAAS & STACKS last winter? Worn occasionally, only used with Dryel to preserve loft. Polartec is really warm, but it’s pretty wide and oversized. Might even work for a smaller medium. shoulders 53cm chest 59cm sleeve 64cm front 51cm back 63cm
Picked this up a couple years ago. Care tag and price tag don’t say what season it was but I think it was FW13 or FW14. Mid-weight brushed flannel. Worn occasionally, only washed cold and hung to dry. shoulders 42cm chest 52cm sleeve 64cm front 55cm back 68cm
Picked these up from END late last year to be my errand running/lounging slippers. A couple different web shops told me to go TTS but these ended up being way too loose. Probably best for a 9.5/10.
Bought from Meyvn for about $600 when released for FW15. Vibram added by FJ Western. Color is much closer to charcoal/navy seen in runway and shop photos. Well worn and loved. Considering the wide opening, these might actually fit a narrow 42. I’m generally a true 41 with most dress shoes and boots and even with my wide feet, I still have a bit of room all around. Open to reasonable offers since I know the previous season saw some colors hit about $400 on sale.
^Curious to hear what other suggest for you. I've had good luck with a suede eraser and brush on my Virgils and a damp cloth covers pretty much everything else. Haven't felt the need to use any of my Saphir suede cleaner either. I did however, recently get them back from FJ Western and Jesse suggested replacing the outer layer and worn foam and not the entire sole. Thought he did a great job with that part, but wet sanding the welt and soles ended up darkening the soles a...
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