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Thanks for doing this Charly. I just sent this question over, but someone might want these answers for the varsity too: Assuming the ribbing is solid colored like the TOJ0 was? Also, split pocket trim, or single trim on the pockets? Thanks!
Which color Footscape Magistas? Because I just paid the going rate for some black ones
I'd be down, but the only leather jacket I have left is a suede T-1 though. We should wear various MA-1s instead I also have to see if I can switch shifts since I work nights now
Got these from Blowz Shop earlier this summer. Wore them a couple times, but just don't feel like they're for me. US8, I generally wear 8 in All Stars, 8.5/9 in Nike and Vans and these fit pretty well, and I've got wide feet. Suede is less black and more charcoal, and the uppers in generally pretty good condition for five year old boots. Soles have a little bit of heel drag, but not much. Only real issue is about half the lace rivets have been replaced (see the closeup,...
Yo! What is that top one?
Sorry, I don't look at their measurements, I just try a few sizes and keep what fits. And like I said, some of my stuff is still pre web store, so no website measurements to reference.
Yeah. The cotton on the supima tees seem thinner than ones pre web store. Also something's up with the cut. XS is too small now, and S looks too big, and I'm actually leaner than I was then, with slightly larger shoulders. FWIW, I have the same issue with their flannels now too (thinner and weird cut).
^Probably right. But you have to remember many of those guys grew up on that about ten or so years ago. It was like a gateway drug of sorts. I still recognize usernames of posters from that pre-hypebeast who get a notable amount of reps/thumbs now, and barely look or dress like they did then. There's lots of nostalgia there.
fok :\ (not that those listing were at all hard to find, but still lol)
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