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^Probably right. But you have to remember many of those guys grew up on that about ten or so years ago. It was like a gateway drug of sorts. I still recognize usernames of posters from that pre-hypebeast who get a notable amount of reps/thumbs now, and barely look or dress like they did then. There's lots of nostalgia there.
fok :\ (not that those listing were at all hard to find, but still lol)
I had been wearing suits for work the past couple years, but still rotated a couple different old pairs of faux noir and noir New Standards on my days off and evenings. New job doesn't require a suit, so I started wearing them everyday again. But then the crotch on my noirs started to go out for the second time, so I ordered a pair of S710BKs the other day from 2nd
^ did you just refer to ebay as bae?
You mean this?
Just got this from another seller on Grailed, for whom this was too small for. And unfortunately it's too wide for me. It's practically brand new and I'm only looking to get what I paid for it. Its $480 plus shipping from History Preservation and $695 from Self Edge. Free shipping to the US. Shoulders 46cm Chest 56cm Sleeve 61cm Length 63cm
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like it depends on when they were made(toe shape seems to be a good indiciator). I have a an older pair from probably 2012 with the slimmer/flatter toe and I got in a 9, which is my Nike and Vans size. I couldn't imagine going any smaller and having them feel comfortable with thick socks, but then I have wide feet. That also seemed to be the consensus on SuFu at the time too. And I remember when I was talking to YMFY...
^they were a 40, and just a little too small(which was weird considering the regular CP versions fit just fine in the same size). I probably would have kept them if they were a 41 :\
I bought this a while back when I was on a quest for a black M-51. It ended up being between this, the Supreme SS10 nylon-cotton one, and an old ripstop Visvim Kilgore, and I thought this one was the best looking and fitting of the three. But nowadays I mostly find myself wearing my Supreme Field Pullover over this, so I figured I'm better off selling this so instead of letting it sit around. Should fit a true XS, slim S. Has skinny arms like a Kilgore. It's probably about...
New Posts  All Forums: