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Hey Mike, So I received one of the black overdyed shirts earlier this week and I was wondering if the shade is supposed to look that close to navy? Because when put beside anything else I have black, even faded, it still appears navy. I'm absolutely thrilled with the cut, and all the little details you guys put into it, but I was expecting something like a nicer looking version of the Gitman offering(which I don't seem to like in any of the model photos I've seen). If it...
oxyclean spray works pretty well too.
He did post here though.
Finished it the other night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the more modern references that came with it taking place a bit closer to now. It did seem to read a bit like Norwegian Wood for me though. Which I also don't think is a particularly bad thing, as I eventually grew to love Norwegian Wood. I just don't feel like it's the same experience as reading something like The Wind Up Bird Chronicles. I've got a stack of books and comics at my bedside so I probably won't...
Interested in a size 46 black calf or lamb 2010 double rider or current one(2013 I guess?) that's pretty worn and bordering on grey. I don't really want something that's a deep black but might be okay with it depending on the price. Thanks.
I was about to post that I was pretty sure I saw you in the mall today with someone I had gone to middle school and high school with lol. I think you noticed me too because I eyed your outfit with that "is that a TOJ" look on my face. Anyways, this looked a lot better in person. Also imagined you'd be a lot taller for some reason lol.
I'm about five six and a hundred thirty pounds and I've been using mine for a over a year almost everyday in black and I think it's just the right size. Though I've seen guys skinnier than me wear the large and it looks enormous on them. I kind of like their upcoming business bag and might get it if the strap is removable or something I can at least hide.Anyways, just got these in and am probably gonna resole with off white 2021s:
Any other replacement sole recommendations? I gave in on the Patricians that were on Rakuten for the longest time since they went on sale this week. I plan on resoling them with off white(sahara?) soles instead of red and have considered the vibram 2060 since it looks pretty close, as does the 2021 but a bit thicker.
The US finally has some plain white spread collar shirts(and for some reason black instead of blue) for those who need them for work on the cheap. It's the same thin fabric that's been used on the previous and current slim fit point and button down collars. I actually prefer this fabric compared to the thicker ones on the spread collar easy care shirts that were in the UK and Asian markets because those seem to stain around the neck and cuffs a lot easier and because this...
I've been going to Japan Town festivals since I was in like middle school and I feel this weekend was the most crowded I've ever seen it. Usually you can at least see the asphalt and make a out a path in your head, but today was pretty ridiculous. The Real Escape Game Scavenger Hunt tickets sold out this year too. It made me not feel so bad about getting turned down to go lol.
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