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Anyone have suggestions for dyeing/restoring faded wool? Ribbing on a jacket has gone from black to navy.
That gum outsole makes the black pair. So who are online NikeLab retailers besides End and TBS?
Some guy from reddit posted photos of his cemented chelsea boots here. And then these were found here:
Suede side zips with natural soles were okay as of about a week or so ago. @reedobandito post some pics please
@mike868y should buy that suede OL shirt on grailed
It's the same one listed on their contact page(customercare@storyetfall.se). If you haven't, check your spam folder. I've been sending him questions about his boots and other not yet available sneakers since late November, as MTO wasn't ready at the time and I was still on the fence between these and other shoes. He usually had an answer for me within the day, except when I asked if I could do a suede zip upper with natural soles, but even then, he replied within several...
FWIW, I was given a link to purchase(that specified MTO) after I clarified how I wanted my boots. Not the same as what's on the website now. I'm sure if you find the link they won't put in your order anyways, as Lian already hinted that there's sort of a wait list. After I hesitated about the suede zip uppers, he told me to get back to him on whether or not I was gonna order so he could give my spot to someone else.
F.lux is why I don't like updating my iPhone. Been using it for about a year on my iOS devices and desktop, and really can't go back to life without it.
I put in an order for a black suede pair of chelsea boots with natural soles earlier today. Lian has been really helpful with all my questions and concerns about the side zips. After seeing someone post a photo in the WAYWT thread I got cold feet, so I just went with some chelsea boots. Apparently I'm in the last batch to go out this month before the Lunar New Year break, so hopefully I get something in early February to comment on. I'll keep you guys updated.
looking for a toj0 spot or a black/sand one in 46 or a shortened 48.
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