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True to size or half size up. I had the black/white SPs for a while in a 9(same size I generally wear in Nike), but sometimes they felt a little tight. I'd probably get them in a 9.5 the next time around. Those look pretty dope btw. I'd buy them if I can't find the black/white pair again in a 9.5.
I'm very down for a meet-up. I've seen so many local SFers after the fact because I see their WAYWT pics or someone PMs me/posts about it later lol. It would be nice to hang out and get some beers or something with you guys. That is if I can work it around my retail schedule :\
I got this a while back through Sharp Service I think, so it's a Japanese small, not American. Wore it quite a bit that winter, but since I haven't used it much since, it's in mostly good condition with no real signs of age. Looking to get $60. shoulders 40cm chest 50cm sleeve 59cm back 68cm
I ordered this from the Supreme web store when it came out. Moleskin is nice and thick, but the wrists snaps are a little tighter than I'd like where my watch sits. Pretty much NWT. Looking to get what I paid at $160. shoulders 42cm chest 52cm sleeves 59cm front 64cm back 75cm
I bought this from chewything about a month ago and have worn it a few times. It's noticeably faded and more of a charcoal than a deep black. Some areas, like the sleeves where the elastic is, look pretty worn too, which I've seen is common even on ones in newer condition. Looking to get the same thing I paid for it at $400, but am open to fair offers. shoulders 42cm chest 52cm sleeve 62cm front 60cm back 68cm
I recently got this off Rakuten. Even though it's a medium, it fits like a small as the measurements show. It's still in pretty good condition, but I don't really like the ripstop all that much and would rather have the Supreme M-51 from a while back. Looking to get $200 for this. shoulders 39cm chest 52cm sleeve 59cm front 60cm back 70cm
I picked these up not too long ago from Severisth but they're a little smaller for me than I had expected. I'm used to wearing CP sneakers in 41 and shoes/boots in 40, but these are a bit tight for me in the heel and just a touch too narrow for comfort. If you already wear CP sneakers in 40, these should fit just fine. Although these use CP's 7547 label code for black, these are actually faded and are much more charcoal than black. Looking to get the same thing I paid for...
These were made on NIKEID a while back and have been customized to look like the Fragment SFB Chukkas but with white soles. The uppers are the same synthetic "suede," like on Air Max 1s. They fit pretty much like a 9 in Nike and are accommodating for wider feet. They're in pretty good condition, they just don't get worn. I end up wearing actual boots when I want to wear boots, and running shoes when I want to be cozy. Would look pretty dope with a lot of tech wear stuff....
I bought these during the summer from someone in Singapore and only ended up wearing them a couple times because they feel a little big on me, much like the Patricians I've listed where they fit me a half size large. The inside lining and the bag have these stains on them that I've tried to photograph. Looking to get $100.
I bought these off Rakuten earlier in the summer with plans to immediately resole them with off white soles, but they ended up being a lot bigger than I expected them to be. I have a pair of older Virgil's with the slimmer toe in a nine(which fit me great), and these are noticeably bigger. Even with thicker socks and lacing them tightly they're still looser than I'd like. FWIW, I generally wear a 9 in Nike and Vans, 41 in Common Projects and 42 in Margiela trainers. The...
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