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I actually agree with you. I still think it's my favorite TOJ piece along with the M51(which might be too much jacket for SF), but at the time I felt it was a bit too small for me. I really couldn't comfortably wear much under it besides a tee. Though the 44 I had might be less problematic now since my 46 TOJ1, which used to be pretty snug, fits pretty relaxed now like most of my clothes from a few years ago. When I order one again, or finally convince a particular member...
Was walking down Powell to get some coffee on my break and saw you pass me before I hit the crosswalk. Looked good dude. I'd probably consider one after that if I wasn't set on repurchasing a T1. Anyways, after I got my coffee at caffe central, I saw a dude in supreme x playboy, givenchy tee and geobaskets o_0
Who just walked through Union Square with a wool ma-1, a Cote & Ciel Isar and what looked like Raf Velcro highs?
willy, your tumblr stream is very on point right now Only girls here I see doing their Nikes justice are usually asian tourists who can barely speak english, and they're usually in something like Bape and Kenzo. Out of curiosity though, what was/is your NT handle? I'm wondering who else, besides those using the same screen names, are frequent posters here or on SuFu. I'm old enough to remember NT dudes making fun of SuFu members before the hypebeast photoshop. It's...
RRS, which hasn't been too reliable with ship dates, is claiming the 21st.The Flyknit Chukka Frees look better than the lunar sole versions. I'd love a black/white version or a black/white chukka on SFB soles. And speaking of Flyknit, anyone got a pair of unpadded white/black Flyknit Trainers in a 9?
Have any of you UK members seen black trench coats or macs in XS around? I was waiting for them to release stateside(along with the easy iron spread collar shirts), and now it looks like they're discontinued. Would love a proxy if anyone spots either coats, preferably the mac though.
True. They did post the medial side instead of the lateral side of the black/white racers last time. The black/sail/volts were a little off compared to the final product too.
Pre-order here. EDIT: Accidentally posted the image link instead of product link, sorry :x
Hey, I'm looking to get a black suede TOJ T1, preferably in something closer to a stock 46, but I think I can work with a 44 now considering I'm probably significantly lighter and much skinnier than I was when I had a 44. I'm honestly willing to pay whatever is fair based on the jacket's condition, as at this point I'm almost okay with waiting for God know's how long or trying to buy someone's spot in line. Just send me your asking price with dimensions and pics if...
Interested in a A2 bomber(44-46), any black 2010 or 2013 double riders(44) or a black T1(44-46). If whoever bought Skyline's T1 is feeling buyer's remorse, hit me up. Very interested.
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