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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Anything more specific? I know you said before you're not a fan of these shades, but the angle of picture might be changing proportions. It's exactly the same as this, just different colors (sorry to bring out this picture again): I like it alot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - better, but know your jkt needs attention Do you mean the length of the arms?
Now i've tapered my pants to have a width of 19cm and i also lengthened the pants with 1.5 cm Before: And now on today's outfit:
Casual monday
Not if you buy them made for the american market.
Massimo Dutti usualy have colorful driving loafers.
Is it for the same reasons mentioned above that shopthefinest can offer such good prices?
Quote: Originally Posted by winston None of my Neapolitan shirts are proportioned in this way. Size 16 collars tend to be around 19 inches across, usually more, which I can't imagine will be that narrow on a man with that collar size. The exception is Finamore. Some/many Finamore shirts have narrow shoulders. If the shirt is comfortable I say enjoy it. It is comfortable and i like the fit. Just not used to having narrow shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv Thank you Seeing that you are located in Geneva check out the Bottega Veneta store. They had them there last time I checked.
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