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Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa +1 to both...I haven't seen Lowndes' (at least in pictures on SF) that look that creased. Maybe it's just the angle and flash? Don't think so. I have worn them alot. They were my first good pair of shoes. They have suffered alot of rainy days. But they have still survived.
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Where in the hell can i find a sportcoat that fits this well? Anyone know the make? I'd sell my kidney for that. I think that's a RL SC. It's a swedish blogger He also wears alot of MTM from J. Lindeberg
I have had my lowndes for 2 years now and they are my favourite pair of shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by July LL gun club?
Spoke with Ian now. I am going to ship it back. If he has no issues with it they are going to offer me store credit. However i find it pretty annoying that they can't give me a straight answer. "Send it in and i'll have a look at it". Since this is clearly their fault i'd prefer them to give me a straight answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by oshinex Details on those bracelets please. Are those two seperate Tods or one big one? The front one is Tod's the other one is Dyrberg/Kern.
I just recieved 2 Barba shirts that i ordered from On the order that i made they were size 39 / 15.5 When i tried one of them i noticed it felt a little to big around the neck. When i looked it was size 16/ 41 even though i ordered 15.5. Since tags from the shirt what can i do in this situation? The other shirt was the right size.
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