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The swedish businessmen dress poorly. Mostly black suits that fit bad, black ugly shoes and the "Gekko" shirt with a red tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube "Newman." Carrier stashes 10K pieces of mail Looks like he didn't got transferred to Hawaii.
pics please
Just got an email from Ian. There had been a mix up. One other customer got the shirt i ordered and I got the one he ordered. Quite frustrating having to wait another 1 or 2 weeks before getting the shirt, but i am happy it all got sorted out.
Quote: Originally Posted by brandall10 Personally I think they look fantastic. Thank you. The stain is from when i stepped in chewing gum. I have no idea how it got on that part of the shoe. I tried to cover it up with darker shoe polish but it didn't work that well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 Deets on the suit, please. Very nice indeed. It's from hugo boss.
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