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That is really classic style and works extremely well - good to see!
Hi,Thanks & I've sent you a pmTim Hardy
Many thanks timpoblete,Hope you are as pleased with them as I intend everyone to be with my workRobin of mistercrew fame does a great job, knows his stuff and made lots of people realise where they started out in this form - i am still thanking him especially when I look at the order-book!
Thanks for the mention evrybody and to clarify any confusion, I designed, developed and produced the now much copied Quick Release belt back in the nineties when my company supplied the first ones ever to EG/Needles/Nepenthes, Denime and loads of others.Since then I now only make for the end user as I find supplying shops tedious. My former colleague and friend Martin F looks after the stores these days while I do bespoke individual work only using only British materials...
Good to see this thread & I am considering supplying some top end gloves again in the future if the demand is there. I assume by peccary we are talking hogskin?I have a beautiful pair not dissimilar to those pictured which are unlined hand sewn, hand made Hogskin from a very old English company (not Dents), beautifully soft and very durable - proper Gentlemen's gloves!Interested anyone?Best,Tim Hardy
What about absolute classics - Aretha!! [URL=http://Aretha Franklin - Think]http://Aretha Franklin - Think[/URL]
Leaf blowers - what the f--k are they all about then? A complete waste of time and resources paying people to blow leaves to one another!
Thanks to all for some really great contributions - try this for size http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g93mz_eZ5N4&feature=player_detailpage&list=AL94UKMTqg-9A9pScQTZGVPGDHEdWzNNrH
Hope this trend stays over the pond with you guys - we've enough crappy things in car rear windows - think 'nodding dog'
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