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The Italians make some truly wonderful leathers (as do many others) and seem to have an extra feel for that understated quality and handle. I used lots over the years before I decided to go all British with my product although part of me has a hankering to get some in.
Great work that man & from Birmingham too!!
Neat - just neat!
Magnifico - superb colour!!
Names are far too often misused in this trade unfortunately and although I have used some ethically sourced exotics over the years, I now stick predominately to Bridle leather and Saddle hide. Here again I find the terms and names used incorrectly in a regular and misleading way. There are many companies selling 'Bridle Hide' and 'Bridle leather' goods made of leather that would no more resemble true bridle leather than I do. My opinion (for what it is worth ) is that...
I can see the point being made but surely it is about craftsmanship, longevity and value for money?
These are beautiful shoes - seriously tempted and thanks for posting.
Great to see this thread still yielding such a volume of leather related information, I'm learning loads. If anyone has a leather related question they want to run by me, I'll give it a try. Best, Tim Hardy
Hi Veg Tan,Thanks for the kind words and I've not retired (far from it) but Mr. Faizey likes making hundreds of belts where I like to make for each customer individually which means much more to me.Best regards,Tim Hardy
Great to see this thread - well done Vegtan. After 30 years of making belts and leather goods using only the best leathers, I am still amazed by how many variables that occur within leather even sometimes with the same type, quality and colour from the same supplier - I have however managed to not let it drive me insane yet - I think? Keep this going as it makes informative reading for everyone and should help people avoid buying poor quality from the...
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