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Get back to the point fellas - my answer is; With a quality and style that reflects her personality (classy,honest and sexy) and taste (affordable by you) - that way you know what you're letting yourself in for (or not as the case may be) Have a good weekend, Tim Hardy
Super glue that's only 10% the strength it used to be - wish I'd stocked up on the original stuff, you could stick the dog to the ceiling with that (metaphorically of course)
The excellent blog from R.A. Schenck @mistercrew has proved to us once again how powerful good blogs are for lead generating for small businesses like ours - many thanks to Robin and please add your favourites to this thread for everyone to share http://mistercrew.com/blog/2012/10/02/quick-release-belts/
That's a lovely piece of work and deserves every praise - entirely hand stitched as well! Time I got my ideas and needles together I think as there seems to be a renewed demand for the top end cases again. I've made a few over the years including briefs, gladstones. vanderbilts etc. but want to give my new range an added 'twist' to make them a little different. Any thoughts from SF viewers please get in touch.
I admire your taste and choice of fabrics - very classy
Very well put and I understand exactly what is being said here - do I want to stay true to my craft and quality or do I want to make lots of money? I personally believe the former as each piece has part of my soul in it and that gives me huge job satisfaction, especially when the client tells you how thrilled he or she is with the finished item. This is not the same feeling a brand owner builder will get from his job I feel. The more artisans who stick to their principles...
Really love the cap - I have collected hats since childhood and would like to add that to the collection - where is it from please?
I've always tried to make belts with a difference be it in the buckle or the way the fasten which makes designing interesting and adds interest to the strap on a buckle classics which are the bread and butter of lots of us belt makers. Question to SF belt wearers is why not share your favourite unusual belt on this thread. There are loads out there wating to be rediscovered! Best, Tim Hardy
This collection is just superb - 'footwear with balls' - first class and they make it look so simple - brilliant!
New Posts  All Forums: