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I wish but we were always too busy selling our leather goods to the 'punters' - incredible times they were 10 years ago - serious global wealth in one racecourse !! Might be worth looking on the web though?
Great to see it still sells as well, is there much of it still around?Seem to remember Prince Charles was overseeing it's allocation due to the location of the shipwreck off Plymouth?I used to make watch straps in Kangaroo hide (the strongest leather for it's weight) so looking forward to seeing the finished articles:)Best,Tim
One of the greatest exponents of the 'Rock Your Socks' art was the late Henry Cecil, legendary racehorse trainer who we regularly saw walking past our stand at 'Glorious Goodwood' races in some of the finest socks known to man - a sad loss to Horse Racing and the art of sock wearing.
The old Russian Reindeer leather still around then Charlie? Is this the stuff they pulled up off the seabed years ago? I remember Athene English did well with it a while back - good luck!Best,Tim Hardy
Good to hear of John Simons - used to sell belts to him before I pulled out of selling to retailers - he did well with them too!
Wonderful and if this is their true colour I'd be thrilled - very close to our Newmarket Tan bridle leather?I've a pair of New & Lingwood in this colour which are my favourites.
Just made a belt for an ex-mod and had a great chat with him about all this stuff - brilliant era!!
Do you find the leather a little thick for being in a pocket?
Thanks and we are always learning - wish me luck
Useful information revrend which has spurred me into doing more research from this end. I'll talk to a few of my friends in the tanning industry here and see if I can reveal anything exciting about the differences.I did a piece here that may be of interest or lead me to be shot down in flames: you like the bit about names and how they were derived.Tim
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