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Great to see this thread - well done Vegtan. After 30 years of making belts and leather goods using only the best leathers, I am still amazed by how many variables that occur within leather even sometimes with the same type, quality and colour from the same supplier - I have however managed to not let it drive me insane yet - I think? Keep this going as it makes informative reading for everyone and should help people avoid buying poor quality from the...
No more the lack of Nancy Drew really
Looks like this is developing into another typical 'time to leave ' thread - bye bye.
Whatever mistakes, injustices or such like have occurred , I think one can only look forward and as a 'Wildsmith' you have all the necessary pedigree if you can make footwear which counts for much more perhaps. Remember 'out of every problem comes an opportunity'
Those are one superb looking boot!
Hi Wildsmith,I fully understand how you feel and sympathise greatly - your values are to be applauded.I've never understood how new owners are able to use established dates and or names as they do when they have had no input into the company's past.Similar things have happened to me with regard to using my name but hey ho?Best,Tim HardyHope all turns out well for you.
Looks very good on you - nice fit and the tie is a beauty.
Nice taste you have and especially like the hats - all yours I assume?
Great thread this (only just found it) - keep it flowing and don't forget to listen to some Ska
Great little thread here which I've only recently found due to workload preventing to much SF participation these days. I am always interested to see comments about leather artisans and their great work as we all need a leg up occasionally from the dedicated followers of fashion found here on SF in bucket loads.
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