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Wonderful and if this is their true colour I'd be thrilled - very close to our Newmarket Tan bridle leather?I've a pair of New & Lingwood in this colour which are my favourites.
Just made a belt for an ex-mod and had a great chat with him about all this stuff - brilliant era!!
Do you find the leather a little thick for being in a pocket?
Thanks and we are always learning - wish me luck
Useful information revrend which has spurred me into doing more research from this end. I'll talk to a few of my friends in the tanning industry here and see if I can reveal anything exciting about the differences.I did a piece here that may be of interest or lead me to be shot down in flames:http://www.worcestershireleathercompany.com/blog/Worcestershire-Leather-Colour-GuideHope you like the bit about names and how they were derived.Tim
Great look to those and that's the same stuff alright - love that colour more than all the others too.
There's so much variation from leather type to leather type each developed for specific purposes obviously. I made loads of belts back in the nineties using a Horween leather called Latigo which was excellent quality. Bridle leather has become a word greatly mis used to describe anything in order to gain credit. In my book bridle leather is simply the very same leather used to make bridles for horses - easy really. That's all I will use and only the best from Sedgwicks....
Just been reading about these beauties on Permanent Style, well worth a look if socks float your boat; http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/02/william-abraham-innovative-luxury-socks.html#.Uv0wUbSM7y0
The Italians make some truly wonderful leathers (as do many others) and seem to have an extra feel for that understated quality and handle. I used lots over the years before I decided to go all British with my product although part of me has a hankering to get some in.
Great work that man & from Birmingham too!!
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