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Well put that man -so many poor leather treatments out there - think I've encountered most of them and still don't put total store in any one as each leather is different I find.
Captures the totally relaxed and happy with life look - nice one!
Hi, I was looking at Ray Bans on Amazon and wondered which of the sellers are legit and selling genuine Ray Ban? Hope someone can help as I have vouchers burning holes in my pocket! Cheers, Tim Hardy
All leather talk is good with me
I love beer, lots of it too, but beer is beer as in English beer not lager or similar I believe - what say you SF people?
I have a pair of these from the late eighties and only wish I had looked after them better although I still wear them and find the lenses to be superb. If only we knew then what we know now eh?
Thanks again and with all the various projects I have with my leather business, 100 will soon get used somewhere or another. incidentally although I stick to British materials for my collections now, I'm always interested to know peoples opinions on leathers and wonder what their leather is like?Best,Tim Hardy
Thanks for this information and the Auburn Leather contact also, really useful to know where to get good laces
Those look terrific, just how I envisage Trickers should look,
Thanks for the reply and think you have nailed it. Best, Tim
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