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All down to taste really
Great look and a great picture, wish more post pics were this good.
Understood - personal taste I suppose - nothing wrong with being American:)
I'd say you are spot on with the quality ranking of these premier shirt makers Don Carlos!
Thanks comrade - will look into and thanks for the experienced comment. Tim
Although I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable when it comes to leather, I am much less conversant with fashion fabrics and struggle to find reliable suppliers of the classic Cotton Pique Polo shirt without paying the earth. Please can the wealth of knowledge that is Style Forum please explain what determines Cotton Pique and hence the best quality and value for money makers and suppliers out there? Looking forward to hearing from all fabric aficionados...
Good to hear from you and nice work, thanks
Good to see the kind folks on SF remember my originals - since the days after working for me, old Martin F has worked his fingers to the bone churning them out for EG Now also uses another name 'Hardy and Parsons' for those of you interested.I'm not interested in making masses of things I'm afraid - bespoke is my bag now.Kind regards to all,Tim HardyP.S. Lots more happening again soon - keep your eyes on me!
I wish but we were always too busy selling our leather goods to the 'punters' - incredible times they were 10 years ago - serious global wealth in one racecourse !! Might be worth looking on the web though?
Great to see it still sells as well, is there much of it still around?Seem to remember Prince Charles was overseeing it's allocation due to the location of the shipwreck off Plymouth?I used to make watch straps in Kangaroo hide (the strongest leather for it's weight) so looking forward to seeing the finished articles:)Best,Tim
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