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I have a pair of these from the late eighties and only wish I had looked after them better although I still wear them and find the lenses to be superb. If only we knew then what we know now eh?
Thanks again and with all the various projects I have with my leather business, 100 will soon get used somewhere or another. incidentally although I stick to British materials for my collections now, I'm always interested to know peoples opinions on leathers and wonder what their leather is like?Best,Tim Hardy
Thanks for this information and the Auburn Leather contact also, really useful to know where to get good laces
Those look terrific, just how I envisage Trickers should look,
Thanks for the reply and think you have nailed it. Best, Tim
Looking to replace / upgrade my 1987 B & L Ray Ban Wayfarer (bit tired now) with the modern day equivalent from Ray Ban but would like to know which is the most Classic / Original Wayfarer pattern? A number would be great please you experts.
The pleasure is all mine Sir and pray enjoy that nightcap
I haven't been taking part much here on Style Forum of late as it has all become so massive since the good old early days, but just to let you know we are still here SF fans, beavering away and always pleased to hear your questions. Thanks to all for the continuing orders. Tim Hardy
Great Suit that man - fine English taste - well done Sir
The Churchill Factor - Boris Johnson To Kill A Mocking Bird - Harper Lee On The Road - Jack Kerouac
New Posts  All Forums: