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Quote: Originally Posted by softy Moment of indecision, soliciting feedback. How do y'all feel about this backpack from Herz? http://www.leatherbag.co.jp/2_basic/...se/c/c143.html I've always considered a backpack to be too frumpy, but lately I'm rethinking it. Seems like being able to have your hands free is a worthwhile luxury. Plus, the bag linked above is sort of the anti-backpack in terms of pared-down profile and the way it opens from...
Quote: Originally Posted by tommyrt Damn, thats a beautiful pictoral list! I think you just aroused my desire to buy another penny loafer +1
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Angelo has confirmed the Engineered Garments shop: "...I will have someone forward stockist info soon but I am sure you know by now but yes we will open up a shop in NY this fall. This is something we have been wanting to do for some time and the situation came up so we are trying to get it all together now. The first month will not be the full assortment and concept but we will get a good footing...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive I want to do some product development, can you send me some shell It would be great to have enough of it to let you have some but sadly not - try Horween.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH FYI, the only acceptable shell cordovan should be from Horween. The Japanese tanned shell cordovan is not up to par. Thanks Patrick - this is the real stuff I'm sure as it has 'Genuine Horween 1905 Shell Cordovan' printed on the flesh side. Tim
Like the technical terminology - thanks
Great stuff - this is just what I need to hear - one end of the spectrum to the other - thanks for now
I have just recieved some shell cordovan from a designer for some product developement work and would like to hear the views of SF members who have used it, worn it etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Oh boy... www.marianorubinacci.net/ www.marianorubinacci.net/club Great website - I'd love to do something that cool using my workshop with shedloads of leather about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Are you insulted or honored? Not sure - depends on the wife and what they taste like!
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