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Thanks guys, I think my denim search is over. Time to bash the credit card hard!
Did I miss the point or did it say lizard in their link?
People who spend loads of money on loads of cheap crap, throw it away because its no good and then complain about never having any money - usually Governments!
Of course Comedians as well - thanks for reminding me!
Lana Del Ray and Michael Kiwanuka's recent musical successes led me to think a thread to celebrate the new faces coming up in the world of Style and Fashion should make interesting reading when the combined global SF commentators out there all chipped in. There must loads of unsung creative artisans we have never heard of - yet?
My pair of Hunter Glentrool have served me well for over 8 years of shooting and general outdoor stuff and do not suffer from the above. These days though I doubt you could get the same again so Le Chameau next methinks.
Great interview and article, I'm always fascinated by the leather industry even after thirty years in it!
Thanks - I consider myself properly told to move on up - installed and now using - dinosaur is what I feel I am sometimes!What about the W7 & Microsoft bitMac systems?Best, Tim
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