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A similar theme so thought this might raise a smile - enjoy
Cheers the difference is obvious in the way they look>
Sorry - got it now - thanks!
Nice look - who are the jeans by?
Great thread and the above had me howling so much I nearly pd myself?More laughs please whilst I think of similar.
Jo Malone do some very nice mens fragrances and they are not everywhere yet if you want a diversion?
Liking the suit greatly - who is it by?
Hi, just seen your questions and should you want any information, I am happy to help where I can - we also do coin pockets. Tim
Thought a thread specific to finding good quality goods would be a help based on all the knowledge out there in SF land - I am looking for brushed / soft cotton shirt of classic style in duck egg blue. Nothing fancy with button downs or double cuffs and so on - just nice relaxed quality. Hope help is out there. Tim
Politicians who continue to insult my minimal intelligence and think I don't notice!!
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