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Now there's some proper looking boots!!
Sympathies, I know the feeling - similarly across the board with mobile devices, I'm getting teched out.
Having delved into many discussions about leather here on SF, I feel it is worth starting a thread where we can compile lots of terms used in the leather trade in order to explain those many and sometimes mysterious words and their origins that relate to this ancient business, be it Leathergoods, Shoes, Clothing or Saddlery. Leather itself can be made from many species for all manner of uses, colours have traditional names that date back centuries, the history of leather...
Sorry if my post became too technical, but with nearly 30 years at this game since training at the Cordwainers college in London (Leathergoods, Saddlery, Light goods/ Wallets, Case making, Luggage etc) and having subsequently made a wide variety of leather goods with a passion for tradition and maintaining the core skills, one becomes a little obsessed by it all.For example, I have just finished recreating an old fishing reel case which involved a whole host of techniques...
Charlie, I will not pursue this further and bore the good guys at SF with such topics or challenge your excellent abilities, but this interesting thread has delved into tradition somewhat! I simply wanted to throw in my four penneth worth. Please keep up the entertainment. Best Tim
Charlie, thanks for your eloquent reply which inspired me to look into my notes from my days at Cordwainers back in the Eighties. When you think about it, a cold crease line will not hold for long so a degree of fibre compression must occur with a hot creasing iron thus reinforcing the edge. Similarly with edging irons as used in other areas of leather production such as shoe making when the sole edges are subjected to this to enhance the finish or when using a single...
Have to agree Charlie, Tanner Bates did not do the leather much justice at all. Most people can make products look reasonable if they use a good material but this wonderful stuff is really special for lots of reasons. As we need to support them so we shall in good time - hope I can make something more in keeping with it's tradition - just very busy presently. Incidentally, I was taught to understand that creasing not only gives a decorative finish but compresses the fibres...
I'm working on the first of my two styles presently and will post some progress pictures on my new blog soon. www.worcestershireleathercompany.com/blog. When all the initial problems are sorted I will make up both and put them on my site for all of SF members appraisal. All subscribers to the site will get news first. Hope my efforts 'hit the spot' Best, Tim Hardy
Hi DLKY, Not able to offer you anything yet but I'm working on a range of precious metal buckles for my collection. I will keep a look out for you in case something turns up. Tim Hardy
Excellent looking and beautifully stitched!!
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