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Hi DLKY, Not able to offer you anything yet but I'm working on a range of precious metal buckles for my collection. I will keep a look out for you in case something turns up. Tim Hardy
Excellent looking and beautifully stitched!!
Great to see this wonderful leather getting some recognition here. I have used it a lot over the years along with some from Croggans of Grampound who sadly no longer exist. Although not finished to the same look of most bridle leathers it's inherant characteristics and finish make it a joy to work with. I am currently developing a range of 'heritage' belts in said material. Good luck to all, Tim Hardy
Quote: Originally Posted by neyus Boots & Shoes RM Williams http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/autumnwinter/index.html Apart from making most footwear in Australia they also offer other Australian made goods such as shirts, moleskin trousers, jeans and raincoats and hats. Baxter Boots http://www.baxterfootwear.com.au/ Harold Boot Company http://www.haroldboot.com.au/constr J Robins - Maker of Sadler Shoes...
Range Rovers (Chelsea tractors) Superdry - overdone too soon and too quickly now too common to be seen in here in the UK - big shame as they made some good lookng nice quality kit - once.
Cheap leather - well said! Training shoes
I am wondering just how big this book is planned to be? Mens style has filled so many books but to include womens style might take it to infinity. Good luck and anything I can help with let me know.
Great that so many from SF have taken part in this so far - are my fears about manufacturing in England coming true as the input from the UK is far from great! More please.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred I think the thread was started as a "let's not buy Made in China" products. Or even products made in Asia. He wrote His post is half economic nationalism and half racism. So let's talk about quality MIC products. WW Chan and Peter lee are good starts. Here are some...
Quote: Originally Posted by thebunk Can we make this thread into a first world kind of thread, meaning not to just focus on US and UK but also Canada? I too am interested in supporting well made clothing made by craftspeople, but specifically interested to know who does what here. I know Naked & Famous and Wings & Horns lines are designed here but I do not believe they produced here (I could be wrong). Any other suggestions? Exactly, let's...
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