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Thanks - I consider myself properly told to move on up - installed and now using - dinosaur is what I feel I am sometimes!What about the W7 & Microsoft bitMac systems?Best, Tim
Internet Explorer, Windows 7 & Microsoft in general - keep grinning and bearing it.
Onix, the joy of taking part in these threads is enhanced by your expert eye - obviously an afficianado - I've always found that industry somewhat confusing.
There is a lot of mystery surrounding who makes what for who in Northampton - bit of a minefield I've always found. Keep delving I'd say. Best, Tim
Thanks and makingleahter is my other passion and living, just wish I had an excuse to get over there, but the airfare might negate the free fly fishing lessons. Great if you can watch or be taught by someone who really can cast. Andy Murray of Hardy's turns it into a real art form; with the wind or into the wind, no difference. Not sure he is any good at tennis though?
Hi twosaabs,I have an identical pair by New & Lingwood about ten years old but still very good -probably a Northampton maker like Alfred Sargent - maybe try him on Twiiter?Hope this helps,Tim
Just discovered this thread and think it would be great if more people discovered the huge depth this hobby has in store - great scenery, healthy outdoors, stress busting, food on the plate that tastes like no other -keep it up and running guys!If you include the girls you'll end up getting wupped as they seem to have an unatural empathy with the art!Recently made this for a real enthusiast -see the blog for more. Tight lines, Tim Hardy
New Posts  All Forums: