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What about absolute classics - Aretha!! [URL=http://Aretha Franklin - Think]http://Aretha Franklin - Think[/URL]
Leaf blowers - what the f--k are they all about then? A complete waste of time and resources paying people to blow leaves to one another!
Thanks to all for some really great contributions - try this for size
Hope this trend stays over the pond with you guys - we've enough crappy things in car rear windows - think 'nodding dog'
Watched 'Paul Carrack: The Man with the Golden Voice' last night on BBC4 which reinforced my thoughts on how amazing this guy is; unassuming, modest, supremely talented - every musician's musician! Take a look and then add your choice to the thread. Cheers, Tim Hardy
With a zip or buttons?
Get back to the point fellas - my answer is; With a quality and style that reflects her personality (classy,honest and sexy) and taste (affordable by you) - that way you know what you're letting yourself in for (or not as the case may be) Have a good weekend, Tim Hardy
Super glue that's only 10% the strength it used to be - wish I'd stocked up on the original stuff, you could stick the dog to the ceiling with that (metaphorically of course)
The excellent blog from R.A. Schenck @mistercrew has proved to us once again how powerful good blogs are for lead generating for small businesses like ours - many thanks to Robin and please add your favourites to this thread for everyone to share
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