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Thought this recent article written for my blog might appeal to the SF leather fraternity. Although fairly short, I hope it will give you some insight into a very much overlooked town, Walsall and its association with the Leather Industry, Situated in a Midlands area known as The Black Country due to its previous heavy industry and the resulting smog and general gloomy atmosphere, it is recognised as the heart of the English leather trade, especially the Equestrian and...
Class, real class !!
Love the jacket - had a similar one years ago and never caught a chill!
Well done for keeping on regardless of the fall.
I am grateful for not knowing what a boo is - but then I am a Brit
I'm grateful for the fact that you all appreciate all the things you have to be grateful for !!
Hi silent fox,Thanks for the above and interested to know the outcome with regard to pricing as I feel my prices are very competitive in comparison and the quality should be excellent.Best,Tim
Indeed it is, in fact I use a similar colour bridle leather for my belt range
Interesting how Chestnut refers to so many shades I find, however your shoes are very much how the colour should look I think
Nothing wrong with that look - soon be round again!
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