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Thought I'd share this belt mounted iPhone SE case prototype in Bakers Oak Bark with you all - hope you like. Best, Tim
Big fan of that one - good taste
Style Forum continues to go from strength to strength but how many original members are still posting on here regularly (excluding Fok obviously)? Would love to see humorous and cryptic comments including years served from the old school originals still keeping an eye on the trends. Best, Tim
While I was training at the Cordwainers college in the eighties, I got a Footwear Student friend there to make me some Oxblood and blue suede shoes - they were fantastic and wish I still had them. These reminded me of them a bit - happy days!
They'll certainly catch the eye!!
How was the oxbow then?
Lovely looking case, may I ask which colour that is from Sedgwick please?Are they extremely expensive?Best,Tim Hardy
Thanks David and keep up the good work eh?
Great looking work you do and thanks for the recent 'Reputation' - you are relatively local to me by the sounds of it! Hope all is going well.Best,Tim Hardy
Stunning colour !! What is the leather please?Tim Hardy
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