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Yea, don't get the white. I had both black and white but returned the white because the crocodile print looks much worse on the white. Even the pattern itself looks different between the two, especially around the laces area.
Lets not shit this thread up with trades/selling.
Thanks for the link! I like this look as well:
600ish? Ordered a while ago but had issues with barneys sending me the wrong color, then wrong size. Not sure if still available anywhere but matches, sneaker boy, and Browns had em as well.Random aside: white pair sole is yellowish, and blue pair side panels are completely clear.
I'm also a size 40, would go for a L unless you want a pretty tight fit. I was unable to wear anything except for a tshirt underneath, and felt like a sausage when buttoning it up.
Anyone hear about their pre-order? I think they said everything would be shipped in July.
Damn, can't find the charcoal in 48 anywhere... only 46 and 50.
do richard pants fit similar to flight pants this season? in other words, size down?
in case anyone else is still waiting, just got my payment URL
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