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Damn, can't find the charcoal in 48 anywhere... only 46 and 50.
do richard pants fit similar to flight pants this season? in other words, size down?
in case anyone else is still waiting, just got my payment URL
I have tech fleece hoody and pants. Highly recommend the material, but be aware that the sweatpants are pretty tapered.
it bothers me that there are only two actual purchases in the last two pages of posts.
A friend got me into the peaty stuff. Ardberg supernova was great, and I've been nursing a bottle of Lagavulin.Once summer starts I like hendricks, tonic, and a twist of cucumber/lime. Bloody mary's too, make mine using clamato + worcestershire + tobasco + celery salt + pepper + deli mustard (instead of horseradish). Used to infuse my own vodka with peppercorn but got lazy and I just buy Absolut Peppar (probably a waste for bloody mary's but whatever).Blanton's is...
Agreed. I can post a review once it gets in.I keep buying shoes I never get to wear, maybe I should have bought the blazer I would never wear instead: http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/blazer_cod41381884dx.html
not gonna lie, i'm pretty excited too. also, much better than the alternative of paying 2-3x as much from somewhere like forward.
not sure, tbh. i usually pick up a bunch of random things as fillers for free shipping. i think someone else purchased it and liked it? it's definitely a step up from "yoox roulette" (corner pachinko?)
FYI, just heard back and they will be sending the URL for payment soon.
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