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I sized down .5.
just picked these up, did not realize the knit portion on the toe is a metallic silver and not white. still pretty clean overall.
recent purchases: suede yoke down vest knit pullover denim grizzly Via mail: jaspe pants blanket workshirt
if you have a discover card, the discount ranges from 5-10% as well (i think it usually stacks).there was a 20% off clearance code but it just expired yesterday.
Mind if I asked how you sized your boots in comparison to other YSL offerings? I'm generally a 40.5 (suede jodphurs and cropped jodphurs) but went 41 for leather chelseas. Debating whether to get 40.5 or 41 for the rangers, leaning towards 40.5 but if you're saying they fit tight (as with other leather boots) I think I might go for 41.Thanks!
Thanks, just gave them a call. The version they have appears to be similar but the sole looks a lot thicker, was there a version with a thicker sole for F/W maybe?
This is probably a lost cause, but does anyone know if there are any sidezip rangers available anywhere? Not a fan of the most recent iteration with the croc print. Asked an SA and was told they weren't being produced anymore.
I think all of this just emphasizes how bad the RL site can be. Items that don't show up when looking at "all" RRL items, items that don't show up under any RRL specific section, random pricing snafus, different inventory on mobile version of website versus desktop version, etc. etc.Was talking to an SA about this once and I was told website inventory is completely separate from store inventory and is a mess for even SA's to use to order items for customers.
[[SPOILER]] Nice, really like the CCC pullover. Is that not online yet?My grizzly should be here by this weekend, hoping the weather will stay cool in socal so I can wear it for a bit before it heats up. Also, check your emails, I just received a 20% off code that works on all RRL stuff, will probably use it to get the suede yoke camo vest and jaspe pants.
Nice fit on the jacket. I have two Ervell aviators (navy wool and teal leather) that I really like. Agree that the recent seasons have been meh, haven't bought anything for a while... although that's also because their webstore service sucks. They shipped me a large blazer coat rather than the medium I ordered and refused to let me return. It's still sitting in a box in my closet somewhere as a memento of shitty online retail experiences.
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