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Would probably help if you included size...
Agree with vegas store being awesome. They didn't have my size in the grey jodhpurs but found it in NY and had it shipped. Might go back today to pick up the chelseas, debating black suede or leather.
51 krayzeez (1490) 52 510kut ($1065) 53 nbird ($795) 54 goofy12 ($780) 55 PDinh (1650 United States dollars) 56 Kontos ($450) 57 Yohans301 (780) 58 ro0ts ($741) 59 Gerry Nelson ($885) 60 dieworkwear ($820) 61 panthermodern ($830) 62 darkdestiny ($795) 63 kwonster ($830)
Free mercurial superfly releases tomorrow, thinking of getting the navy version. How does sizing run?
anyone experience duties shopping from rooney (to the US)?
Yup. I've stopped buying PE directly from them because of issues... it's sad that the secondary market is more reliable than buying from the official webstore. Just picked up the teal leather aviator from reedo.
Charly, are you responding to sizing emails? It's been over a month since I sent you an email about measurements for my 12/2013 order, still haven't received a response despite bumping about once a week.
Ditto. Ordered a medium blazer coat, received a large. Never received a reply when i asked for refund.That reminds me, should post it on B&S.
I emailed measurements on Dec. 12, 2014. Bumped it every few days. No response yet.
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