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edit: nevermind, thanks!
That's funny, I'm waiting expectantly for you to PM me back regarding the pants I bought from you two weeks ago.
Oh yeah well of course I know YOU silly.Shit, we did? I'm sure I'll know the face.
sry do i know u?
i believe i'm swinging through, pre-dinner. damn, i don't know anybody though.
The majority of the garments are mediums but there will some other sizes available. Also as with many brands, sizing is totally inconsistent. I wear a small in SEV classic fit shirting, a medium in the shirt jacket, and a large in their slim fit. There will be something for everyone....unless youre XL. I don't know how much would fit you.
Will have a bunch of size mediums, yes. (fits slim)
NYC folks... I'll be working this. Multiple racks of BWGH, good selection of SEV, a wee bit of ISAORA. A size medium's paradise. Come say hi...
ps find me a small... see signature for past 2 years.
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