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ps find me a small... see signature for past 2 years.
Hey i was gonna bid on this via fleabay
this would be cool in a heavier wool too, like a flannel. but understand the need for a 4-season fabric!
i'm down.
this is one of my favorite threads on the internet.
flakers flakers flakers
Lol. If you want a pair of officers pants size 30 in the diamond print, let me know. Worn once.
Yeah this is absurd. There's nothing wrong with EG quality. And there hasn't been any "decline" in fabrication/construction over the seasons. Yes the prices have gone up but it's been commensurate with the increased prices of domestic manufacture and fabric prices.
NOTE: PLEASE REFER TO BELOW FOR PICTURES Unfortunately the time has come to liquidate my closet, including some of my most rare/prized items. Really sad to see much of this go but I'm finding myself in a financial bind on the cusp of moving to NYC permanently. That being said, I really do value these garments and I have priced them accordingly. These are sad times indeed. I will be updating the thread continuously with more Engineered Garments, some Junya, SNS...
They will fit you if you want them. Fit a true small.
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