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Did my first cyclocross race today. I was miserably bad! I did one warm-up lap to try out the course and bit it hard twice. During the race I managed to not fall thanks to that though! But I only managed to finish one lap. My bike handling skills are much better than some of the other riders; but my body fat content is also much higher. I'm so out of shape. Ugh. And it turned out that my Cat 4 Beginner race was filled with Cat 1 road racers who have just taken up...
How about REI or Hudson Trail Outfitters?
They can also be really expensive. A Brompton will set you back a grand ($US) easy.
Sunday actually rode about 10 miles yesterday on the W&OD trail in Va. It was a nice short ride in perfect weather. What was particularly nice was that there is a horse/nature trail with lots of variety running alongside it, so I got to take my cx bike off-road for the first time. Felt especially good after watching the Charm City Cross in Baltimore on Sat. Great fun.
NYR, this looks and sounds great. Wonderful way to bring in your heritage.Here's my newest, completed just a month back. In memory of my father who spent a couple formative years in Hawaii in the late 1940s. A short time; but when I think of Hawaii I think of him and when I think of him I think of Hawaii.
Just picked this up at Performance Bike for cheap. Focus Mares AX2. I'm committing myself to rehabbing my shoulder and getting fit for a late-season CX race. Plus my wife might kill me if I bought this bike and never actually race.
Just as an FYI, the Baltimore Summer Antiques show will be the weekend of Aug 25th this year at the convention center. There are always a number of sellers with good selections of cuff-links. b
----Update: I'll ship. Bulk discount. For the love of god, someone take these shoes off my hands.---- I have a number of pairs of shoes for sale. I do not wish to deal with PayPal, etc., so these are for pick-up/meet-up in the metro Washington, DC area only. All of these shoes probably need a good shining. Please PM if you are interested. AE McClain spectators. Size 9D. Approx 3 years old. Worn approx. 10 times only on nice sunny days--hey, they're spectators. ...
Well, the awful sound from my bike has finally been solved. My wife filmed me riding it and it making the noise and I showed that to them. While the shop originally said they couldn't get it to make any noise and I could come back and they would take it out with me, they then told me that they could not guarantee that any time I came in, they'd actually have someone available to do it. I couldn't even make an appt or simply be the next person in line and then step out...
Oh my gawds. I finally got my bike back from the shop where they were looking for the mystery noise. All they had to say was "we couldn't replicate the noise." That's it. So I walked out, around the corner and up the hill. I hopped on to ride it to my car, and it made the noise. Sigh. Do I take it back to the same shop and make them ride or walk along side me? Do I take it to another shop? I don't know. I'm just very frustrated.
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