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At least 2 cyclocross races. Try out XC skiing and/or snowshoeing (wife prefers snowshoeing I think; I prefer XC). Either a new job in the pacific NW or a new house here. I could stand to lose a few pounds too. Maybe 10.
I picked up a 3-piece HSM, grey pinstripe at the Mazza Filenes. It'll need some tailoring of course, but at the price (less than $250) I couldn't pass it up. Otherwise the place was filled with crap, imo.
My wife and I have a Starwood Preferred Guest AmEx. I think the fee is $65/year. We put all our monthly bills (except our mortgage and condo fees) and virtually all other spending on it. Then we pay in full with every bill. We rack up massive points. Every dollar is a point; and you can get like triple points if you use the card at a Starwood hotel. So we're banking a lot of points for a big trip/longer stay somewhere (maybe Whistler or Mt. Tremblant). We like it a...
Can I infer from that that the roads are not always paved?. If that is the case, I'd go for something with front suspension. Perhaps one of those GT "beginner" bikes. I think the 2.0 model has braze-ons for installing a rack on the rear, which you might find to be useful. (The paint job might be fooling me into thinking that.) Either way, I'd consider that.
sorry to hear this Rnoldh. My father passed away two years ago just before Christmas and I'm still feeling the loss too. Last year just before Xmas we took my mom on a vacation to get her out of the empty house. This year we're flying out west to get the whole family together. it's the best the family can do is be with each other.bob
It looks the same as that bit of leather you see on the top half. There is no texture or embossing or anything. I have it. Looks nice. I use it as a wallet.b
I just ordered custom wool jerseys for me and my wife. I have to say, I'm really proud of my clever idea. They are black with a stripe of white and a smaller stripe of red below that along the chest. LS for her, SS for me. I'm having embroidered on the white stripe "Team H-D" (our nickname for ourselves) and below that in the red "Since 2006" (the year we were married). It'll be in an old-school looking script font. I'm just praying they are done and shipped before...
So, no ideas in the $25-50 range?
I have a busted-up shoulder. Shoulder impingement and a bad tendon apparently. Maybe those are the same thing--not sure. The dr. doesn't talk much. Physical therapy hasn't really helped at all because the pain keeps me from being able to stretch very far. This has been keeping me from working out much except for cardio, legs, and core. And I was hoping to race a couple CX races this season. I did one and it just killed my shoulder. I decided to just screw it and...
So what's on your Christmas list this year? I'll be honest, again this year I'm having a hard time thinking of anything I really want that badly that someone else would buy for me. I'm always open to new cuff-links but I'd rather find them myself. I need a new overcoat; but that's far too expensive to ask for another to buy for me. But I might put a new drill on the list because my father-in-law would love buying one. so who has ideas? bob
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