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Might I recommend posting your question in the General Bike Thread? Lots of advice to be had there. My quick advice: that Trek 7.5FX is not a good long-haul bike. I have one. It suits my 12 mile round-trip to work; but I would not use it for more. It is plenty fast, though, contrary to the earlier post. I know I've hit 25+ on it. Look for a used cyclocross or touring bike. Make sure it has rack mounts. b
Define "traditional American" for me. I would say that pin-ups, etc. fit. No?b
Thank gawd I'm not the only one who thinks this. Those Parson's shoes are just awful. The only one that even seemed like a half-decent idea in concept is the boot with the spat-like front piece. But it looks crappy in real life.b
Speaking of knickers, Chainlove.com currently has a pair of Cutter Tech Knickerbockers on their site (about 6 minutes left) for only $24.99 down from $149.95. I'm sure they'll come around again as most items on their site get repeated in a couple days. b
In the end, I think this is great advice. Avoid spending huge money on bike-specific clothing and simply adapt what's in the closet. Maybe go buy a chamois/liner to wear with them.b
I think you'll still look like a cyclist in any pair of knickers in most people's eyes. Sure, they're better than spandex tights; but still. Right now, I think the man on the street will see knickers and think "hipster cyclist." Just depends on if you care or not.But those Swrve and Ibex look nice, I have to say. And $100 for the Swrve seems like a nice price too. But in a classic frustrating move, they only make them up to a 38" waist. It's like they've perfectly...
Flambeur, I read most, but not all, of the responses. Here's my take as a econ PhD. Do not enter a doctoral program because you like school. At this point, it's a job. It is also 24/7. Your advisor will care less about your vacation plans than your current boss does. Especially if s/he's giving you grant money. Do not go unless they pay for you to go. Do not put yourself into debt for a PhD. The increase in earnings from a master's degree to a PhD is far smaller...
Much like you I grew up on the west coast (14 years) and have lived on the east coast since (about 18 years). After having visited my family out west again this last holiday, it confirmed for me that I'd much rather live out there: Portland, Oly, Seattle, etc. I'm in DC. DC might have a lot going for it (jobs, culture, etc.) it also has some of the rudest people you will ever meet, and that's really starting to drag me down. I would pick the PNW because I find the...
Yeah, this thread is more up my alley than the iGent one, I think. So I'm reposting. at least 2 CX races. try out XC skiing and/or snowshoeing (though my bad shoulder could inhibit that). I gotta stop my habit of eating donuts as soon as I get to the office. And the diet coke. And I really like Ambulance Chaser's watch less TV, so I'll add that too. Get out and take a walk. I try not to set the bar too high. So while I should get my weight down 15 lbs to under 200,...
I saw that video! What a crazy race. But I'll go for some local races.
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