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That is a nice looking ride.I changed the tires on my commuter on Sat. It took me an hour because the rims were so f-ing narrow. I've never had such trouble. Yikes. I hope I don't get a flat. I might cry.b
Okay, well thanks anyway Acidboy and GT. In the end, I might be so busy I have only enough time to wander around and take some photos. Hopefully I can find a gift for my wife. b
Congrats! Look back on the dumb stuff and laugh. I will refrain from telling you the dumb shit I thought and did in my application process. It's embarrassing. In this case, the end is all that matters. Enjoy.b
Bump. Really, nothing?
I'll be in Beijing in May for a few days for a conference. I'll should be able to schedule a few free days before and after and was hoping for some recommendations for shopping. There are a couple major cultural sites I'll see but otherwise I'll not be trying to do too much. I am not looking for clothes. But whenever I travel I look for flea markets, antiques, etc. I'm always on the lookout for cuff-links, jewelry for my wife, or small objets for the house. The...
Just an FYI, pricepoint.com is currently having a sale on Park Tools. 10% off. It's not much; but I'm not sure if Park Tools usually goes on much of any sale. edit: well, I checked performancebike too and they have many items on sale as well. However, it's hard to tell which is cheaper without a serious look at the actual items. For instance, the original MSRP on one item I checked was so much lower at PP that even with a larger discount at PB, it was still cheaper...
Re locking: Remember, with enough time a thief can get through anything. The aim is to make yours more of a pain in the ass to take than the one next to you. So a big krypto U lock and a thick chain will make your bike very unattractive. Especially when the thief knows that around the corner is another bike with a cheap cable lock he can get through in a minute.b
Wow, this has spawned quite the discussion. A discussion that seems to be getting heated. For clarification: My workouts tend to be 3 or 4 times a week and consist of some general warm up on a bike or elliptical machine, followed by some push-ups, sit-ups, and squats with a light bar. Nothing major. Then, when I was last working with a trainer (who has since left the gym so I'll have to figure out if I like the new guy), it was some mix of rowing, work with barbells,...
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I suppose there's little consensus and it's just what you like individually. I'll just go try some one and see what's what. I did find a pair of New Balance on the same last as another pair of their shoes of theirs that I have and love. b
I looked for a similar question but didn't see anything, so I thought I'd ask. I currently have two pairs of general cross-training shoes, both of which I'd like to replace. I need something that I can wear to the gym for lifting, rowing, and using the bike, elliptical trainer, and treadmill. You know, general work-out stuff. And I'd like something light-weight, maybe with a mesh upper to keep it light. I'm looking at this from Nike and will continue my search; but...
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