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I'm not looking forward to the whole process. But flying into HK is set. But i have to say, the process looks really streamlined for taking the ferry. Airport, buy your ticket for the ferry, they get your baggage, when you get to the ferry terminal at Fuyong then you go through customs and immigration, etc. Taxi to hotel. Reverse the process, including checking in for the flight at the ferry terminal, when going home. It'll be interesting. Thanks for your help guys. b
Yes. I've been trying to get out of it with no luck. My boss has been trying to get me out of it too. Also with no luck. The guy at the top calls the shots. Stupid.b
Thanks guys. MikeDT, I'll be flying into HK. It looks like right now flights into SZX are just too expensive. It sounds like it's easy enough to catch a cab from the Fuyong ferry terminal. And that's just 5 min from the SZX airport, I guess. I'll be sure to take a regulated cab and not an indie. And given my short stay, I think I'll be hanging at the hotel by the pool reading magazines until the conference starts. I have no energy to venture into a huge busy city...
Thanks. Unfortunately, that trip was scrapped at the last moment. Very embarrassing for our travel office. Morons.
That's correct.
Okay, more details are rolling in. We will be at the Kylin Villa Hotel by the Xili Li lake (?). And it looks like the best bet (for timing and price) is to fly into Hong Kong and take the ferry from HKIA to Shenzhen Fuyong ferry terminal and then get a cab to the hotel. Reverse the route to get home. Does this sound about right? Hopefully someone has Shenzhen experience. I cannot believe how little information anyone organizing this conference are able to provide...
No, no reason to be in HK. Just wondering if I do find a cheaper/better flight to HK it's worth it or too much of a pain in the ass. My conference hotel in Shenzhen does not appear to be in the downtown core. It's out by a lake. thanks, b
Any opinions? It looks like I'll be at a conference in Shenzhen in late June and my secretary is trying to make travel arrangements. One can fly directly into Shenzhen or can fly into Hong Kong and take a ferry to Shenzhen. I've never been and it seems no one else around my office has either--this whole travel operation is f-ed up and it's pissing me off--so I'd appreciate any insight anyone has. thanks, b
My short commute to work this morning finally. It was just a really nice morning for a ride. Pleasant and enjoyable. About 6 miles.
Are you okay?
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