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And I've been totally outvoted. You should listen to them and not me. They actually have good reasons.b
I think I might go for the first one. Neither has terribly fancy components since they both seem to be original. But the wheels have been trued, it got a tune-up, it has rack and fenders. Looks good. Plus, since it's all the way out in Germantown you can offer him $150 and he should be happy. edit: assuming it fits. That matters more than anything.b
I did. No response yet.I also called a shop yesterday and was put on hold for so long I gave up. I'll try another today.Yes, that looks like it. And the installation manuals all give you the force to use but... well. Like I said, mine's smooth on the inside.b
FSA Gossamer MegaExoSort of. Except where the cap end (in the picture in that thread) is clearly is made to accept a 8mm hex, mine is completely smooth inside. I think you are right though about just finger-tightening it. It only takes 4 in-lbs (0.7 Nm?) of pressure. And it does not hold the crank on. It only holds the bearings in place. I guess. I'm far from an expert on this. I just can't figure out why both the Park Tools book and FSA's website seem to be...
Went out for a ride today and my heel was clipping something. I looked down and the cap was coming out of my left side crank. So I screwed it back in with my fingers and headed home, not certain what sort of problem this is. So after investigating via my Park Tools Big Blue Book of Bike Maintenance and the FSA website I figured it out. Tighten it up with a 8mm hex and then tighten the clamp bolts on the crank itself. Only problem? You cannot physically use a tool to...
Focus are from Germany too. Good luck finding one in the US any more, though. Performance has them on clearance because they're no longer carrying them (so I understand it).They are quite highly regarded from what I read in the magazines.b
I didn't not want to go because it was China; I was very much looking forward to my trip to Beijing. But Joffrey thanks for that horrible assumption about me. I didn't want to go because it was a pain in my ass. A very long trip for a very short talk. And I have simply no interest in going to a huge mall to look at electronics. Shenzhen is not a tourist attraction unless you want to shop or see huge malls or one of the five theme parks. Not fun. And HK (and likely...
I've been saved! A coworker says she'd be happy to take my place and go on this "adventure." So I'm happy to let her. I officially do not have to go. Thank you all anyway for your advice. b
I'm not looking forward to the whole process. But flying into HK is set. But i have to say, the process looks really streamlined for taking the ferry. Airport, buy your ticket for the ferry, they get your baggage, when you get to the ferry terminal at Fuyong then you go through customs and immigration, etc. Taxi to hotel. Reverse the process, including checking in for the flight at the ferry terminal, when going home. It'll be interesting. Thanks for your help guys. b
Yes. I've been trying to get out of it with no luck. My boss has been trying to get me out of it too. Also with no luck. The guy at the top calls the shots. Stupid.b
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