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How do you have that Garmin attached to your stem/bars? I could use a new way to attach given a short stem.thanks,b
Just got this today (haven't uploaded my own photos yet). 2011 Specialized Camber Expert. It was an early birthday present from my wife.
Yup. My friends in Oregon tell me they have no political ads (at least presidential) at all. I envy them. There are stretches with 2-3 in a row at every commercial break.
For anyone who likes Crank Brothers pedals, they are currently running a deal with CX magazine where you can trade in a pair of clipless peals and get a new Crank Brothers (the 3 level) pair for $60. Find a pair on Craigslist for $20 and trade them in to save $60? Could be a good deal. I found the deal on CX Magazine's FB page. I have no experience with Crank Brothers except for one day's ride on a friend's bike. So you takes your risks. edit: the link: ...
My god. I live next to a swing state and am inundated by political ads. I want to vomit. And Reince what's-his-name is on the Today show lying. Ugggggghhhh.
Yeah, I had a great time.That's an Ibis isn't it? Beautiful. I'm thinking I'll try to spend around 1500. More than that and my wife will kill me. But that gives me some options.
Went for a nice mtn bike ride today. First time off-road in longer than I can remember. Had a blast and in hindsight probably should have stayed out another hour. And my friends let me try out their bikes, switching around between 26" FS and 29" hardtail. Now I have to go out and get a 26 FS. Shit's expensive even for entry level. b
Mtn biking was rained out yesterday. Ride today was cancelled because I developed a bad cough over the course of Sat. Cough is getting worse and I feel like shit. Leaving on Wed for a few days of vacation then straight to a conference on the west coast for another few days. Damn it. b
Out of curiosity, what is it about the XTRs that you find interesting? I have both (low level) SPD and Time ATAC. I just can't really see much difference between them. I can see the difference with, say, Crank Bros, since they would shed mud so much easier. But I guess I'm just not experienced enough to see the difference in most pedals.Though, I find the Time's to be more difficult to clip into. And they're on my CX bike which is awfully inconvenient in a race (at...
Holy crap. My wife said I could buy a mtn bike. As long as I ride it. May have to add a third bike.
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