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finally bought a new laptop to replace the dead one (from Jan!). Dell XPS. I can't wait. b
Quote: Originally Posted by onix If you like art deco cufflinks, you will love this blog: http://www.antiquecufflinks.blogspot.com/ He has cufflinks for sale, but they're steep: http://www.jewelryexpert.com/catalog...ks-Gallery.htm I've seen that blog before. Beautiful stuff (and showing some gorgeous art nouveau links right now). But the prices for the stuff he's selling on that other page are f-ing ridiculous. I have a funny feeling...
^^ Thanks for the explanation, Douglas. It's very interesting. I understood that you were responding to the flippant answers. But I was curious as to why you ask for current salary, which you answered. You imply that my giving an expected salary (or range) provides you with the same information. I'm fine giving that information, because it can be whatever I want. I'm not so comfortable giving you my actual current salary. A friend who recently took a federal...
Went to the Art Deco Society of Washington expo and sale this weekend. I saw exactly one cufflink that appealed to me. Note, I said one: it had no mate. Sad. b
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I'm hiring for a position right now, and I've asked for the applicant's current and desired salary three times just this week. If I got some of the flippant answers I've been reading in this thread, that individual would not get the job. I guess I'm a stupid interviewer. Oh well. I have a question: what if I refuse to tell you my current salary but will tell you what my salary expectations are for this...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy they're shitty. they don't climb like mountain goats in heat, they're as plush as a cement pillow in the rough, and they handle like a blind kid with a.d.d. seriously, I really think ibis has it figured out. Quote: Originally Posted by venessian I know nothing about the new Ibis, but the old Ibis was absolutely great and innovative. The Spanky, Hakkalugi, Silk Ti, Bow-ti...all amazing...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy couple of shots I did of my bikes while having beer in the garage... Oh gawds, I've been drooling over that Ibis for a while now. Please tell me it's a shit ride that I should stop caring about. b
In all seriousness, I wonder how many of experiences occurred when we were first on the job market. Mine was from basically my first interview post grad school. Since then it's been much easier. At the job I have now I really felt like they were selling me the job to get me to take it. So as you gain experience and fill out the CV/resume, do the dumb questions go away? b
Our office building lost power about 2 hours before I usually get off. By the time they figured out that it was a power problem (and not a fire as they first thought) they let us in to walk up the stairs, get our things, and leave. Yay. b
Went to the Friendship Height's Rack yesterday. Ugh. I found a couple pocket squares and a few cheap (both in price and construction) bow ties. The men's dept must take up about 10% of the floor space. It's probably not worth the trip. b
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