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I'll reiterate this on both counts. I insisted on flat bars on my commuter, then bought a CX bike later, and now much prefer riding that one, in part because of the drop bars and multiple positions they afford me. My commuter, a 2009 Trek FX7.6, is very much like the Whyte you linked to (see also the Specialized Vita and numerous others from all the manufacturers).The advantage of a CX bike is that it'll take wider tires, including some nice, wide, tough commuter tires. ...
Prices vary wildly.In my experience, while the maker matters, what matters more is the metal. Base are well under $100 unless they have particularly nice enamelling. Sterling silver gets you to the $100 mark and up. And then gold goes up from there.The second most important is quality--particularly with enamel. I find that age doesn't matter nearly as much as quality. So the latest hot style (say mid-century) but in crap shape is worth less than fine art deco. Etc.As...
Sliced a chunk of my thumb off with my mandolin on Christmas Eve. Can't shift on two of my bikes and can't fix the flat on my third. I've seldom wanted to ride so badly. Stupid thumb.
Every time I see that Ibis my jaw drops. I think I have to go ride next weekend. And a ride or two to work this week.
Ooh, unfair. I think that's a gorgeous bike.
A friend just won a drawing for a new Cervelo. They shipped it with Ultegra Di2. I'm very happy for her; but DAMN! Why couldn't that be me? Wow.
Went out today for my first ride on the mtn bike. Fucking awesome. b
Breakfast cereals. Chemicals (the manufacture of). Food additives.
study more less screen time, more dating time--go meet some fucking women be more open about potential future career choices edit: that said, it's worked out okay I think
Thanks guys. Unfortunately I don't have a Garmin so this won't work for me. But I didn't know this sort of mount existed at all, so I'll keep my eyes out for them.b
New Posts  All Forums: