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I had a Focus Mares AX 3.0 (I think it was). Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I bet that CX 5.0 is awesome.
I'm trying to off-load some shoes I don't wear any more. I have them listed on the Washington, DC Craiglist here: You can see the photos there. The details: All are in very good shape and have many years' life left in them. All shoes (except mocs) come with original shoe bags. Prices listed are non-negotiable. I have these listed on CL because I really do not feel like shipping. (I live in upper NW DC.) ...
haven 't ridden in so long I can't remember the last time. Some commute to work. Maybe early Jan. Weather has been shit. Getting tired of it.
In case anyone is interested, WD-40 now makes bike-specific products, aptly named WD-40 Bike. Never used them.
I'm inclined to agree with you--however, from the complaints I've read on-line, this problem is wide-spread, so it's not the shop's fault. But I am going to insist we swap this thing out for something better, and not at my cost. It's still under warranty, otherwise I would go to a different shop.
stupid ass FSA BB30 piece of shit. Anyone have one of these? I'm going back to the shop for the third time in as many months to get this damn thing fixed. This time they're swapping it out for a new one.
If anyone's in the DC area looking for a new cyclocross ride I have one for sale. 2011 Focus Mares AX2 54cm Craigslist ad with details and pics:
Anyone mind if I post a bike for sale in this thread? I've listed my Focus Mares AX2 2011 54cm cyclocross bike for sale on Craigslist and thought I'd throw it up here too in case there was any interest in the Washington, DC area. If no objections in the next couple days I'll give details. b
There are a few options for this.1. Have your tailor shorten the sleeves--the best option, IMO.2. Buy snap cuff-links which will tend to hold the cuff tighter than chain- or bar-linked cuff-links. Silk knots will probably also close the cuff tighter. Both snap cuff-links and silk knots can be had for cheap. Check a flea market for the former and any men's shop for the latter.b
Yeah, and you have to give up your entire transit benefit to get the bike benefit. And there are all sorts of ridiculous restrictions on what you can use the money for and what sort of receipts you have to show, etc. I work with a bunch of serious bike commuters and I don't think any of them use it.Basically my choice is to keep my transit benefit which saves me more than $100 dollars each month or take the bike benefit which will save me (maybe) $100 over the course of...
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