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Chinos sold.
You guys are lucky, I have to be up at 0600 for work and it kills me. That being said, I used to be able to sleep all day no problem. On the weekends these days, however, I'm usually out of bed by used to be noon before I was even thinking about waking up.
North Face jacket sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Trolls should post a fit pic or stfu As soon as a the forum mouthpiece (jet) does, I will. Until then, I'll just keep doing what I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Find the mistake.... All three of you weren't aborted at birth?
Shirts sold. Bench jacket added. Those khakis are awesome...just a bit too big for me. Buy them.
Sweaters sold. Some interest on the Nudie Even Stevens but no buyers yet.
Hoping beyond hope someone takes pity....drops. Trying to raise money to buy a new suit (and ties, shoes etc) from the B&S here. I'm basically working on restarting my wardrobe with 'big boy' clothes.
Two of the items I was waffling on have sold, so if you're on the fence, just buy it before someone else does. Awesome stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by polo votarient whats this size on the NF jacket? Its a dark gray correct? Whats the material? Thanks It's a size L (I should have included that, my apologies). It's more of a medium gray and the material is polyester and elastane. It's not overly stretchy however, just enough to give it some give. It's a very warm coat that I've worn out in winter with just a hoodie underneath. I'd be keeping if I didn't have a...
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