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Huell needs closure.
Blood money...it's going down next Sunday.
Hold up...Badger...a dad?
Walt sees the Charlie Rose interview where it is mentioned that the blue meth is still out on the streets. Which means the Aryans didn't fulfill their promise of killing Jesse. Combined with the interview of Elliott and Gretchen, Walt is reminded of yet someone else stealing his "life's work". He heads back in town and together with Skinny Pete and Badger, he launches an all out assault on the Nazis. The ricin is intended for Jesse, but seeing how broken Jesse is because...
Okay, maybe that's why a freshly dead Milton was able to get the drop on her?
I remember back in Season One "Guts", the dead were literally picking up rocks and breaking the glass to that department store where everyone was holed up at. I wish the zombies were THAT dangerous again. When Andrea was able to hold TWO zombies off with her foot while being placed in a choke hold by another zombie from behind a tree - even I had to roll my eyes. Yet, she can't fight off Milton?!?
So, I took the digital version of The Rake for a test drive and it is actually pretty nice. I was hesitant because I am a magazine hoarder, but it really is convenient to just bring it up on your laptop, iPad, or whatever. It takes up no space at all, loading is easy, and the clarity of the pictures are spot on. I also like the fact that you can zoom in on the pictures, so you can really pick up details. On a side note, I like the fact that you can translate Leon on...
Well, given the price tag and it not being readily available in my area, I ordered the digital version for $38.50 - 6 issue subscription.
I'm glad I live in Michigan. And if Zimmerman got jumped near his truck, how did they wind up on someone's lawn? Did the 140 pound Martin overpower and beat a 250 pound man across the street?
I think Otis was in charge of loading the zombies in the barn. But good question of how they actually got them in there.
New Posts  All Forums: