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I was recently banned from posting in the Buying and Selling forum. I was selling Yoox bucks and reduced my price by about 3% (rather than the mandatory 5%). I thought this price reduction was reasonable given that Yoox bucks are very liquid and typically sell in a very narrow price range ($0.83 - $0.87) on the dollar. My price reduction was already putting the asking price below this range. Who can I talk to about getting unbanned?
1. The kid isn't that smart. His explanations go no deeper than the Wikipedia articles on the subjects he's talking about. College-level astronomy 101 classes are considerably more advanced. 2. His mom has set up a "charity" for autism. Viewable here. The proceeds apparently just buy stuff for the kid. Videotaping the "lectures" serves to publicize the "charity".
Peter Luger's is the correct answer. Bacon appetizer ftw.
When it comes to choosing a career, people are often too rational. They spend too much time thinking about the compensation, the exit opportunities, the prestige. In fact, the best choice is what you think you'll be best at and enjoy doing the most.
I choose A and am very happy with the decision. Almost everyone I know who works in law is miserable. Several people I know in law are trying to get into P/E. School is overrated. (Both b-school and law). What is a-side?
I put the mattress and box spring on the floor. This has been much better but I'm still soliciting better suggestions.
My girlfriend hates my bed frame because it moves too much while having sex. I'm looking for a new one (note: I'm fine in the mattress and box spring department). Criteria - Doesn't move a lot while having sex on it - Queen size - Under $500 - Reasonable to assemble and disassemble
Quote: Originally Posted by sw20 For past ~15yrs, nearly none of highest-paid guys at hedge funds or IB prop trading desks has bothered seeking an MBA Lots of undergrads from Wharton Finance, Stanford Computer Science, Harvard AppliedMath, etc (finishing undergrad summa/magna in 2 or 3 yrs, not 4); then 1-2 yrs as financial analyst at GS/MS/CS; then directly promoted to associate and beyond By mid-'90s at Wharton, many upper lvl finance courses...
You can always leave banking for F100. The other direction is more difficult.
Thoughts on this coat? How do you think it will function as a goto rain coat? Good value?
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