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Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal That's amazing! I find it amazing, but the place seems a slam for such a minimalist design building right¿
pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey A couple of thoughts: 1) Make sure your sleeves are hemmed better than Bekham's. His are much too long. They should end right where your wrist bends when your arms are at your side. This will allow about a half inch of cuff. 2) Wear a white French cuff shirt. Get a good one. It will last a while and every time you pull it out for a special occasion you can think "I was married in this shirt." And you...
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist Showy, tasteless and vulgar, in this context. Ok thanks! I thought by the name Gaudi the arquitecht it could be bizarre but in nice meaning, now it´s in bad meaning.
No offense here, but I always found Sea Island cotton too hyped. From 180 euros a mason triple rittorto cotton to 260 for a Sea island hand made italian shirt, I choose the first option in my city not for the price. I´ll choose Mason´s if it was the 260 option instead of the Sea Island.
Could some native english speaker tell me what gaudy means? Lat time I learnt some slang as douchebag and crappola , I was in laughs for some hours By the way, hate Pateks, love IWC.
Not in that tone, in brown yes.
Valentino Roma shirts are quite good by the way.
WTB; Light blue spread collar 15.5 shirt, with this collar, only neapolitan please ( or Zegna) Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Sorry, it's a limitation of the photographic medium. You just cannot look at a stock media photo and distinguish between midnight blue or charcoal and black. Then when I go to the shops and they got tons of " black" and then navy. Just a few of the other ones. Are my " black" suits then real black or dark whatever?
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