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Dunhill 7 folds are excellent
I wore my new Filson 'Tin Cloth' jacket with the inner liner and it worked great in this -10 degree Moscow weather and even better during snow. Two thumbs up!!!
I have tried 2 Dave's - One is known as "Dave's Buility" and the other is out of a residence. The Buility was good while other wasn't that impressive. Both times it cost me around $500 since the material I chose wasn't that expensive. If you can recommend a couple of places and their addresses this would help, I would also be very appreciative if you can provide me with a price range. Thanks gain
I will be visiting Shanghai (China) end of the month and would like a couple of suites made out there. I am only there for a week, so they should be able to do my first fitting within this timeframe. I have tried Dave's in the past and was not very impressed. My budget it around $500-750 Thanks in advance
You can find a black cordovan from Allen Edmonds with double sole. However its not a whole cut.
I got a couple of Harris Tweed jackets at Jos A Banks for about $150
Buy Vintage if you are on a budget and they hold their value well and almost always gets a compliment or two. Seamaster vintage from 1954 goes for about $500-600 SS.
Agree, Zenith is one of the finest....but very little known in the US
I have a couple of Malo sweaters and they are great. The RL purple label that I own are too thin and needs delicate handling...
I have a pair of Edward Green shoes in which the polish is peeling and flaking. I was wondering if I should strip and repolish or any ideas on how to get a top shine without doing so. Thanks in advance.
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